Wednesday, April 27, 2016

GTOWER offers Traditioal Flavours of Malaysia during Buka Puasa Month

Hi Internet!
I can't wait to share this with you guys!
Last two weeks I was honored to get invited by G Tower for the
coming Buka Puasa Buffet food tasting! *happy*

I always enjoy Malay delights during the Puasa Month since I was young!
Can't wait to buy kuih muih, soup tulang and nasi with rendang in those food stalls in those back days.
But now, you can easily have it ALL in G Tower from 8th June till 3rd July
comfortably enjoy your meals in GTower Kuala Lumpur from Chef Sherry!

Chef Sherry is a talented chef with an extensive gastronomical experience in traditional Malaysian
culinary arena, the professional culinary team will present a buffet spread that boasts local specialty offering wide range of selection from appetizers, salads, main course and dessert in four different menus to chime in with the Ramadhan Buffet!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dining in Tanzini makes unforgettable birthday dates!

Hi internet!
Today I gonna share my actual little birthday celebration
with the favorite person in my life- Dear Mr Mars!
He did celebrate an advance birthday dinner when we are in Penang,
and he did it again on my actual birthday with 28 balloons! *blush*

Mr Mars said: "Those balloons was your candles!"
I loves helium balloons a lot, but last year he did not manage to get it for me as he said

MARS don't have this in his planet,so I am glad he did it this year (like finally)
with my favorite color! *clap clap*

Monday, April 11, 2016

[Fitness First] My Fitness Diary Episode 06- Pairing Up

Hi Internet!
It's a CustomFit day again!

Today I gonna do it with my boyfie with the CustomFit App! =DDD

He has been curious since last month when I start my NEW fitness lifestyle!
I bought a yoga mat when we went shopping,
which let to a funny conversation below:

Boyfie: You going to Yoga Classes?!?

Tiff: Who said Yoga Mat is only for Yoga purposes? 
I am going work on my fitness at home with the mat! *proud face*

Boyfie: Err, you sure? You know how meh?!

Tiff: Got CustomFit App with me now, I can be a fitness guru one day okayyy!!
*then I laugh loudly*

Boyfie: Let's see how  long you can hold on to this! LOL

Thursday, April 7, 2016

WAKAO!! The latest Gelato Cafe in Penang for gatherings!

Hi internet!
Today I gonna intro a latest hang out place in Penang!

that located just a few steps from the famous photo taking spot
(The Little Children on Bicycle)

So if you are a tourist, for sure you will be taking this photo right?
Maybe just takes a few steps to walk to WAKAO to chill with their 
home-made gelato!

If you are a local, you have to visit this "special" Gelato Cafe

name as
"WAKAO" (Taiwan Chinese)
that means "WALAO" in Malaysian! XDDD

This is the cute little maze entrance!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

[Fitness First] My Fitness Diary Episode 4- Fit For Fashion Finale!

Hello Everyone!
FIT FOR FASHION season two has finally come to an end and

I have been sticking in front of the TV over 10 weeks on every Thursday night on STAR World to catch every episode of Fit for Fashion
and I must admit that the final episode was so exciting as I was wondering who will be the winner as the Top 4 was doing so well. I couldn't make a guess at all! 
At some points during the final episode, I felt Kyle would have won and even Jess because she has been doing so well in the last few episodes. But deep down I always wanted Jackie to take home the title.

Congratulations to a fabulously fierce competitor, you earned it JACKIE!! (I knew it!!!!)

In this 10 episodes I have seen your efforts and it is actually all about motivating and building self-confidence to achieve your desired goal.