Wednesday, August 26, 2020

NEW HOME SERIES: My hand-picked electrical appliances!


Hi internet!
Today I would like to make a home electrical appliances complication 
that I HAND-PICKED to my new home!
There is a numbers of followers asking what to take note during purchasing 
home appliances because no matter how it do costs at least 1K-10+k Ringgit to
fit all the essentials in your home.

In my opinion, quality is the most important aspect in home appliances 
as you may use it for many years to come and have a peace of mind.

Electrolux is the brand that first come into my mind as this is
the brand that my mum tend to use since I am young!
My mum uses Electrolux washing machine, water heater, vacuum cleaner and fridge,
and you know what, those items is still currently working fine after 10 years.

There is a saying, buying quality products actually save your pocket.

So here is some items that I hand-picked for my new home!

I get 4 units in my house (Living room, master bedroom, guest room & working room)
I enjoy the cool breeze from the air-con that feel so comfortable and not that kind of
unhealthy freezing cold, and the design makes my home looks classy!

Interesting Specification:

Banish bacteria, create your ideal home Active Pure reduces certain harmful bacteria*
by 99% to protect your wellbeing and make your home as comfortable as it can be.

The X-Fan feature automatically removes excess moisture when the machine stops. 
This prevents mildew and bacteria growth for healthier and cleaner air, 
so you can enjoy every moment at home.

The I-Feel function's remote control sensor maintains your chosen temperature
whenever it's in the room. Just keep it close and you'll always stay cool.

The Electrolux inverter air conditioner's premium design is eye-catching.
Reddot 2015 award winner, it complements the styling of any home.

Previously before I have my own house, I rent a studio unit before that 
installed a water heater that without pump. There is many of times the water pressure is low
and took me 1083874834 years for a showering session.

So this time, although water heater that comes with pump is slightly pricey,
but it definitely worth it down the road!

This ComfortFlow 700 Water Heater (DC pump) from Electrolux  definitely makes 
my showering me-time so enjoyable and satisfying! 

The design is classy and awarded BEST PRODUCT DESIGN by IF AWARD!

Interesting Specification:

SafeReady® automatically tests electrical safety before every use. 
15 advanced safety features keep your family feel comfortable and safe every day. 
Enjoy a 10 Year Warranty on the nylon water tank!

My favourite Vacuum ever!

It also comes with LED Light infront of the vacuum cleaner
in dark areas like below the bed or sofa!

Makes life so convenient with the detachable vacuum and multiple heads 
that serve different purposes! 

Eliminates dust mites and 99% bacteria with the UV light!

Comes with the Brush roll clean to cut off all the hairs and fibers!

Grab and go charging! 

Vacuum all the dirt in seconds!

Coffee & Bread Essentials!

Bread Toaster

The ultimate bread toaster that comes with removable crumb tray and integrated bun warmer! Easy to clean and gives you the best convenience for your bread and pastries!

EasySense Coffee Maker

Simple way to brew the best coffee for your daily fix. The sleek and sophisticated black coffee maker is easy to clean and compact to save you space.

So here is all the recommended household appliances that I would like to share with you!
You may check it at their website on where you can get their products!

Oh ya! They are running a Merdeka Sale from 1st August - 30th September and you may check it here:

Hope you enjoy my review and feel free to ask me any questions related and I will get back to you soon!

Friday, August 14, 2020

REVIEW: Yewhadam Revitilizing Pre-Anti-Aging care

Hi Internet!
Today I would like to share about 

I am not too sure about your age,

If you are nearing age of 25, you better be well prepared
for the PRE-ANTI-AGING care that I gonna focus about it today!

Thursday, June 4, 2020


Hi internet!
How is everyone doing during MCO?
Me? Working from home just like everyone but guess what,
my skin become dull and dry!

I not sure am I the only one that having this issue, 
as less make-up do let me think that my skin will actually better during these days,

Then I think throughly what goes wrong in this entire cycle.
I did makeup once in awhile when I need to shoot some merchandise/ shooting some videos.
 cleanse > toner > serum> moisturiser
I did apply mask twice a week. 

Then I suddenly recall that I did not went to facial in this 90 days, 
and actually removing makeup is kind of exfoliate act that removes the dead skin.
Thus, my skin turn bad secretly without any signal.