Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Hi internet!
It's SKINCARE day again!
Another Korea brand that I would like to review and 
this brand just on board in Malaysia!
This brand is

I attended one of their workshop 3 weeks back and try it on the spot on my hand,
I can feel my hand shine with moisture!

Thank You Farmer team generously gave me almost the whole series (10 products) 
and try it at home. I usually took 2 weeks to try on 1 brand for the whole range to measure the results! So sometimes I am kind of slow when comes to review skincare! OOPSS!

But today I will guide you step to step for the K-Beauty Routine!

Monday, November 12, 2018

SUPERSIZE Angel Aqua Series Skin Care review! VALUE PACK!!!!!!!!

Hi internet!
If you had been following me all these while on Instagram, 
you should know I am just back from Korea! (wink wink)

The XL packaging design from the Angel Aqua series catch my eye!
Can you imagine a toner with the size of 500ML
and Moist Cream and Daily Cica Cream with 1+1 in such low price?

I saw these from THE FACE SHOP store at Myeong Dong and wanted to try them badly.
But due to my luggage constrain, I end up didn't get them back!

But when I am back to Malaysia, 
I almost burst in tears when I saw the PR kit at my house after I went home!!!
So I decided to try them for 2 weeks to measure the result!

And after I got them, I go through their ingredients and realise there is a "Angel's Tears".
Due to my curiosity, I check them out online for more information.

Angel's Tears Extract also nicknames "Baby's Tears", "Chick's Tears" and "Irish moss", 
this cascading plant with tiny, round leaves is found only in very clean, uncontaminated areas.