Sunday, November 27, 2016

Affordable Korean Skin Care Review: Faith in Face now available in Malaysia!!

Hi Internet!
It's been awhile that I collab with Korea skin care brand, this time was Faith in Face!! (I am a fan of them!!)
I try them out before I decided to had a collab with them as I really hope that items that I promoted was really good so we can be pretty together!! I will not risk my readers face to products that I don't like! *you know how much I love you girls right? Wink Wink*

The first thing that I will shout about this brand is
Oh My GOGSH!!!

(Did you see those Gift Packs that I get ready for you girls?!!) =D
Mimi looks so sad becuase I told her that I gonna give it away to you girls, LOL!

The good news is, Faith in Face is generous enough to provide me 3 sets of gift pack (Worth RM150 EACH) that I would like to give it away to my readers and followers that supporting me all these while! So the rules & regulation on how to win is at the end of the blog, before covering that part, I would like to show you the whole process of the review so you could understand better! =DD

   LET'S START!!  

Friday, November 18, 2016

What is about BONIA Spring Summer 2017 Collection Preview?!

Hi Internet!
I am so glad to get invited by Bonia Fashion to attend their Spring Summer 2017 Collection and I am really amazed with the design! At the event day, Bonia do invite Pepe Torres, the Creative Director of Bonia to explain every design to us in detailed and the inspiration behind them!

This is my first time attend Bonia Media Preview attended as one of the Friends of Bonia! AND I AM EXCITED with EVERYTHING!!!!
Before attending the event, I was actually planned to wear something casual (with Bonia sneakers), but the lovely PR told me "WEAR TO KILL"! SOO Yeah so I changed my attire to this navy blue dress with heels! (That makes me feel like a women today! HAHAHAHAHA) Not sure did I kill anyone by the way!
muahahahahaha *laugh*

I had a short vlog filmed that day as I wish to show you girls about how the event is going! =D

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Hi internet!
The above vlog is taken on last Saturday that is about my CHRISTMAS SHOPPING at the Gardens Shopping mall with Mr. Mars. We had a really bad jam in the parking and I guess everyone is shopping for Christmas or buying stuff coz of the mega sale! =DD

I was actually plan to buy some ginger bread man cutting stuff but I couldn't find it or there is out of stock. So yeah maybe I need to try it next week! Anyone know where to get them? =.=
Then I walk by L'Occitane and makes reminds me of getting in to buy my mum something for this Christmas! (and I did prepare 3 items from L'Occitane for you girls too, make sure you take part on the giveaway contest as I really wish to give it away to those that are loyal to me in this season of gifting! *love & hugs*)

Saturday, November 5, 2016


Hi Internet!
It's been a month since my Busan + Jeju trip! Sorry for the delay of the Itinerary that everyone is asking for. I couldn't say this itinerary is the best planning, but it is a comfortable one that is not that rush and I spend some time in their coffee house to enjoy my holiday! =D

This is my second time visiting Busan, and I still love Busan a lot! If I had another chance, I will still willing to go there once again for the scenery and the food!! About JEJU, this is my first time with Mr. Mars as I heard JEJU is a very beautiful island with lot's of natural beauty!

Below I will list down around how much we spend on our flight ticket + Accommodation + meals + local transportation just for your reference. Busan is a very affordable city (it's cheaper to travel to Busan than Seoul), but JEJU you might spend a little more money, I will show you why below.


Airasia Return Airticket (RM1100) 
RM1100 is the fare for 2 person, I bought it during promotion. REALLY CHEAP!

Thursday, November 3, 2016


Hi Internet!
Today I am sharing about my new RONCATO luggage that I bring it to Korea last month. I get it at the luggage fair in NU Sentral at a very good deal as it was ON SALE!! *yeah* Some of you had watched my vlog in YouTube had already know about this luggage, but today I gonna explore more with you. 

All photos taken is after my trip to Busan, as I wanted to show you guys how much
"damage" it might possible cause during a vacation. Previously my luggage is fatally
suffered scratches all over the body and my heart is kinda pain too! :'(((

However, this luggage only had a very minimal scratches and is not visible AT ALL.
I think I was lucky this time and also thank to the quality material of the box case.

Many of you might ask why this brand?
As there are many brands out there. After I evaluate the quality and the selling price, I found that this luggage is definitely a good buy! Things that I evaluate base on:

ALL Roncato Luggage is designed and created entirely in ITALY.
It's also one of the top brand in the world!

2. Life Span
All Roncato Luggage comes with 10 years warranty! If they manage to give you this promise, that shows quality in their luggage. So I don't have to worry that the airline crew broke my luggage anymore. Can you imagine, when you arrived your dream destination that you waited for so long, and when you luggage is damage and all your clothes is messed up and some of your personal belonging is missing? I really can't afford to risk my vacation with a bad quality luggage.