Thursday, November 23, 2017

[Cover] Panasonic Beauty New Product Launch Event (WITH ALI LEE!!!!!)

Hi Internet!
I am so excited to share with you the previous Panasonic Beauty New Product Launch!!!
(They even brought Famous TVB Actress ALI LEE to the launching!!!!!!!!)

I am always a fan of TVB drama, Ali Lee starred in a few hot drama in Hong Kong and her acting is natural and professional! I always wonder how she can keep her skin, hair and body in such perfect condition despite she is filming at least 18 hours everyday?! She is gonna reveal her secrets at once!
I am so glad that Panasonic Beauty Malaysia invited me again to join the launching!
Tips from Ali Lee!
1. Hair Dryer + Hair Straightener & Styler
In her previous drama, the role she played (Never Wong) hair style need to curl every single day. Her secret is the Panasonic 2500W hairdryer allows her to dry her hair quickly without damaging it. She told us about she dry and style her hair using both hair dryer and hair straightener makes her hair looks bouncy and get that long lasting curls.

2. Leg Air Massager

She told us that she use to wear high heels for many hours put a strain on her legs, it is a relief to get a nice massage using this device. It's portable and light she even carry it arounds during her filming.
The Leg Air Massager is a new product that massages between 6 & 12 points along the legs.

Click on the video below for the event walk through!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

20 Days Europe Itinerary (Include Accomodation & Flight details)

Hi Internet!
Everyone been asking about this!! I am sorry to blogged this that late as I am really busy lately.
I've shift to a new place and there is many stuff I need to do and I have a new member,
that is my first cat ever in my life, MUJI!

So I should stop talking typing, let's get the serious SHEET STARTED!!!!

Talking about this trip, it took me about 3 months to plan everything for two.
I really urge everyone to plan AS EARLY AS YOU CAN once you bought your air ticket!
The maths can be totally different when you work things earlier.

So, I bought my flight ticket via Emirates, return ticket with RM 2,800+/ person 
The good thing for Emirates is that the service is superb even you are in Economy class.
If you have more pennies to spend, go for Business class (4x the price of Economy return)
Click here for Emirates Business Class Review.

After that I booked Pocket wifi at Visondata after I bought the Air Tickets.
Plus, I can get 10% off for more than 10 days rental. RECOMENDED!!

   THIRD   We pick SUMMER for this vacation and we don't regret it!
Summer is not that hot in Europe and you can bring lesser clothing around.
Bear in mind that you need to carry your luggage around for 20 days! Yeah so better don't overload your luggage or bring stuff you don't really need.
A good luggage definitely a must during your travel. Try to imagine the first day of your trip and you found that your luggage is damage in the luggage belt. It ruins your whole trip and wasting your time.
If you are thinking what brand I am using, click here for Roncato Box Luggage review.



DAY 2: Arrived London, Check in Hotel.
Hotel: La Suite West, Hyde Park.  (Apx RM700/night)
5 min walk to subway station, very nice room and service!
Breakfast (Peggy Porschen- SUPER INSTAWORTHY), Lunch (Borough Market)
Walk Around Hyde Park.
Dinner (Pied a terre - 1 Star Michilin Restaurant)