Monday, October 30, 2017

IN2IT Eye Brow Wand Review (with video)

Hi internet!
It's been awhile for some make up reviews and this round I would like to review this Eyebrow pencil from IN2IT. This is the brand which the first brand I start make up 11 years ago! *time flies*

The reason I try this brand for my first batch of cosmetics is because it's so accessible from those major pharmacies like Watsons & Guardian. Second, the price is superrrr DECENT that I can afford everything I need at once. The result turn out great and stick to this brand for a few years then later on I try using different brands after I am a blogger many years ago.

So what's about this round?

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Revealing my Study Trip with PANASONIC BEAUTY MALAYSIA to Bangkok & Taipei !

Hi internet!
It's been awhile as I am busy travelling here and there.

Everyone had been asking about the Europe trip and I promise to get it done by this month! =D
Today I am sharing with you guys about this exciting trip by    Panasonic Beauty Malaysia!   I am soooo excited when I receive their invitation and chosen to be one of their selected blogger to cover this study trip!

So there is 5 of us that been selected to cover this trip!
Me as @purpletiff | @jessicachaw | @chenellewen | @lariestan | @smashpop 
This was the 2nd time I travelled with @jessicachaw & @smashpop if you read my previous blog to Sihanoukville host by Airasia! Still the same exciting trip with them and joined by 2 hot influencer Chenelle and Laries! I think you can imagine how exciting is this trip with Panasonic Beauty!

Purpose of this trip was allowing us to know more how Panasonic Beauty produce their appliances such as Hair Dryer, Curler and other beauty gadgets in their own manufacturing factory at Bangkok. So that is why our first stop was Bangkok! HEHEHEHE

1. We get to try and play around with their latest Nanoe Hair Dryer & Nanoe Hair Straigtener. Both of them is so high-end that I wish to own both of them badly! With the NANOE Technology, I can feel that my hair is so smooth and shining after curling or straitening! Too bad they are only available this coming November.
(You can click take a closer look at my Vlog above =D)