Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Online Shopping gets easy with ZALORA! ♥

Hello internet!
Today I am going to share my shopping experience in Zalora!!
OKAYY! Here is the story! 
I had received a shopping voucher of RM40 from Bcard via email! (I am a Bcard member, Chatime card is also a Bcard too!)

Normally voucher will gonna look like...
You have to spent like RM200 to use the RM40 voucher.


So I quickly log on to the website
To scout a dress for my birthday! (Since round the corner rightttt XDD)
After few rounds of selections, I found THE ONE! (Click me)

The price is reasonable as well. RM49.00
Let's add to cart, and use the RM40 voucher code
So, the maths calculation as below:
RM49.00 - RM40 (Voucher) = RM9.00
RM9.00 + RM5.00 (Shipping Fee with items below RM75) = RM14.00

OKAYYY, maybe I did exaggerate a little....
But a gorgeous dress with RM14.00
A good try right?
Let's do THISS!!!! =DDD
Done my payment and let's wait for the dress!

The same day, around evening 5pm.
I checked the delivery status of my order, and it stated SHIIPED!!
OKAY, I am amazed with the speed. 
But let's stay calm before the parcel reached my doorstep!

As fast as, I received on the NEXT WORKING DAY!!
With a THANK YOU card!
I get really satisfied with the service! ♥ Good job Zalora Team!

Let's put away the speedy delivery service and talk about the quality.
The quality is worth way from the price, I mean the original price of RM49.00
So I am lucky to have the voucher for me to experience shopping at Zalora!

Then they follow up with my satisfaction by email.
This makes me feel they value me as their customer and wish to get my feedback to provide a better service in the future!

Here is some sneak peak of my actual birthday with the dress that I bought from Zalora!
I am really satisfy with the cutting and material!

The material and cutting makes me looks classy!!

This dress show my curves perfectly! *ehem ehem*

AND Last but not least, let's end with this CANDID SHOT!!♥
I actually feel so awkward when someone passby while I am taking my outfit of the day *Blush*

Bye and enjoy online shopping with 


  1. I am looking for a site which is safe for online shopping in Pakistan and which offers cash on delivery facility at your doorsteps?

    1. Hi Maryam, I am from Malaysia and I am not too sure with shopping platforms in Pakistan! Sorry that can't help you out! :)

  2. Hi Maryam, I am from Malaysia online shopping pakistan and I am not too sure with shopping platforms in Pakistan! Sorry that can't help you out!
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