Friday, July 29, 2016

Travel + Food: We tried on one of the BEST ROYAL AFTERNOON TEA in The Arch London!

Hey internet!
YAY I am back to Malaysia and start making videos and blogging about my previous trip to Europe with my BFF Joewy!
So today I am here to share one of the must to experience when you are travelling to LONDON
TA-DAAA goes to

Why why London is = having afternoon tea?!
It is because afternoon tea is originated from BRITAIN since 1840.
It's something like you must have Dimsum in Hong Kong, having spagetti in Italy, 
It's totally the same logic! (you know right)=DD

Okay, let's start on sharing my Royal Afternoon Tea with all of you!
Imagining both of us is those duchess in the old times. LOL
Reasons we chosen The Arch- HUNter 486 for Afternoon Tea is because 
I did made some research (of course) and The Arch was one of the popular ones
 in London and the location is really strategic
and we are able to hop to other places before and after the tea! (Near Hyde Park)
This area is within Zone 1 and there is near to a lot of hotspot in London!

We also actually plan to stay at The Arch, it's actually a hotel,
but too bad it's fully booked as actually summer is a very busy season for London
so make sure you made your booking early for their rooms!

Let's back to our Royal Afternoon Tea!
The price is actually pretty reasonable, it is only £25/ person
Definitely worth the price for such menu!

This time we go with the wine!
I am not an alcoholic person, but the wine is really good.
(Although I get a bit tipsy after that XDD)

and it comes with various type of tea and I picked- White Tea (Silver Needle) as my cup of tea! 

Let's talk about the environment!

The interior was pleasant and cozy!

Glad that we had reserved rather than walk in, we are served in this
little private space that comes with a transparent curtain so both of us
can have a comfortable gossip girls talk! =DD

We felt like princess! AWWwwww~

Our Royal Afternoon Tea is here!

Everything comes in double!
The plates, the cups, the silver cutlery and the desserts was SOOO PRETTYYY!!!
We scream from deep inside from our heart when we saw this.
(Couldn't scream as we pretend to be duchess XDDD)

The desserts and cakes is slightly sweeter, but when you had them with the tea,
it's perfect!

Everything was really good, portion is huge and we barely able to finish it!
But we did try everything, and it taste great until we actually skip our dinner that day!
Joewy favorite was the macarons, and mine goes to the Strawberry Tart!

The Buns comes with some Jam and cream to go with too!

We both are having a great time in The Arch London!

We even spent 2 hours here for eating and chit chatting!

Oh yar, we did live it at our Facebook and I uploaded it Youtube so
you guys can easily watch it here!

Details as below and you can book it straight online:
Address: The Arch London
50 Great Cumberland Place, Marble Arch, London, W1H 7FD

Hope you enjoy my blog and do remember to visit them during your vacation to London!

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