Thursday, December 22, 2016

How I relief Period Pain Naturally with LP Gentle Herbal Plaster

Hi Internet!
Today I am reviewing something that I never thought of I will be reviewing!
PLASTER?! At such young age?? LOLOLOL
However, it changes my perception to it when my ex colleague gave me as a Christmas Present!
We worked together, so she know hows my body condition when comes to period.
(aww, that's really pain ='( 

I am not too sure I did mention in my blog before that, when I am having period, migraine + period pain they comes together, I think they are evil twins for me. So everytime I had pain killer (when I am at work) or hot pack (When I am home). As you know, you can never tell you superior that I want to take an offday today because I am having period right? What to do, Pain killer lor~~

Yeah, you might tell me, you should had some Bak Fong pills after your period. Or some might say, you should take some EPO (Evening Primrose Oil) daily, it helps. Trust me, I tried but most of the times I still suffer both of them (The evil twins).

Till first week of December, we had a gathering and she gave me this box and ask me to try them out.
She so thoughtful as still remember my evil twins.*touched*
She shared with me about how she find out this product then now she is selling it, she is totally not a hard sell person AT ALL!
(Not sure how you guys think, as I am don't really like those friends that keep pushing me to buy things that I don't need it.)

After I tried, I decided to wrote a blog review regarding this plaster which I find it quite amazing!
I don't wish to blog it as though it's an advertisement, maybe I just pin point some facts.
This LP Gentle Plaster is from Hong Kong, produced in China. It's a 100% natural product and can be used for any age including children and old folks, man and women as well.

It's actually a herbal heat pack that can stay up to 10 hours. Just stick whenever you feel uncomfortable and it helps to relief the pain and it will starts to cure after a few application.

It can reduce the pain from the first patch for sickness such as muscle pain, fever, period pain, headache, flu, exhausted, tired, insomnia, etc (there is even more, I am just picking the famous one).
After a few patches, it even can cure as it is made of herbal and makes your health getting better. The best thing is this plaster WITHOUT ANY SIDE EFFECTS!!!! No MC needed, just stick one on your body will helps to reduce the pain and sickness.
You can see more facts HERE.

It's also good for parents and grandparents as at that age it is easy to suffer from Rheumatism (known as 风湿 Feng-Shi in Chinese), buy them one box for them so they won't suffer on the rainy days. I also bought one box for my parents just in case they need it.

I really hope this blog do make you understand more regarding this LP Gentle Plaster that is not that mainstream in the market. I understand the feeling of having severe headache so that is why I am sharing this with all of you.

Just in case you need to purchase it, do feel free to contact my ex colleugue:
Wechat: Libra_meijin
(Don't be shy if you have any question, she is incredibly friendly and helpful)


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