Monday, January 2, 2017

Burger and Lobster is now in MALAYSIA!!!!!!

Hi Internet!
So excited to see you again in this brand new year and thanks for staying around!
This weekend, I went to Genting Highlands with Mr. Mars to celebrate New Year Eve and at the same time exploring the new mall that just opened last week, the SKY AVENUE!

Another excited news was I found "BURGER & LOBSTER"!!!!!
Those that are following my Instagram stories know how I scream when I discover it accidentally!
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OK, you might not too sure why am I so excited about this restaurant, I visited the one in London with Joewy last July and we both is craving over it after we are back in Malaysia! AND now it's here!! O - M - G !!! This is one of the famous restaurant in London and there is a saying, if you never tried "Burger & lobster" that means you never visited London! LOL

Okay, this restaurant is full of long que EVERYDAY! We spent 3 days 2 nights there and every time we walked by no matter what hour is it, is still que-ing! We waited for around 30 minutes to be seated.

PLEASE BEAR IN MIND, don't walk away if it's gonna be your turn especially in groups, they only serve if everyone in your group show up. If you have 4 person that gonna dine in, only 3 of you is here, you are not gonna be able to get in and you have to wait the another person to show up together to get in.

They only served WILD LIVE LOBSTER!! (OMGOMG)

The interior is almost the same with the one we visited in London!

There are lot's of HOT PRETTY LADY explaining the menu with you while you are waiting you turn outside.

About the PRICE, I can say it's reasonable.
In London, is around £ 21+ , approximately RM125. If you holds a Genting Member Card, it's RM138 or else it's gonna be RM153 and comes with a fries and a salad!

I ordered the ORIGINAL, it comes with 2 serving choices with either STEAM / GRILLED.
We ordered a few different choices so we can share and try them out.

My personal preference is the ORIGINAL Grilled/ Steam Lobster. They do served the Chilli Lobster too but I rather wanted to taste the original freshness of the lobster itself than flavoured.



This is the B&L BURGER!

The price is same with the Lobster Set, taste really rich as Lobster and medium beef both melt inside your mouth. But if you are the first time visiting this restaurant, I will still suggest you to go for the Original Lobster instead. =D


 I a always a happy kid when comes to yummy food! =DDDD

 Here is the social media and address for Burger & Lobster Malaysia:Facebook:
Address: Level 1, SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting, Pahang, Malaysia 

I hope this blogpost do help you out and plan one day and bring your loves one to enjoy Fresh Lobster in such cooling weather at Genting Highlands!

See you soon!
*Hugs & Kisses*

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