Monday, October 30, 2017

IN2IT Eye Brow Wand Review (with video)

Hi internet!
It's been awhile for some make up reviews and this round I would like to review this Eyebrow pencil from IN2IT. This is the brand which the first brand I start make up 11 years ago! *time flies*

The reason I try this brand for my first batch of cosmetics is because it's so accessible from those major pharmacies like Watsons & Guardian. Second, the price is superrrr DECENT that I can afford everything I need at once. The result turn out great and stick to this brand for a few years then later on I try using different brands after I am a blogger many years ago.

So what's about this round?

The latest eyebrow pencil from IN2IT- EYE BROW WAND
Retail: RM28.90
Comes with 2 colours: Dark brown & Soft Brown

What is so special about this wand?
As for me it's really convenient to use on my daily makeup.
I even manage to draw both of my eyebrow with this MAGIC WAND in less than 1 minute!

It comes with 2 tip on each ends.
The Eyebrow Pencil & the Eyebrow Shadow.


Draw your brow according to your style and shape with the Eye Brow Pencil.
As for me, I prefer Korean brow that looks younger and innocent! *wink*
I am really thankful as my eyebrow comes with thick hair, so what I need to do is just filling the blanks and create the shape.


Blend the hard edges with the Eye Brow Shadow to make it natural.
It's really simple and no skills required!
Or else you might end up look like the character below:


Here is some Before & After photos!



Brows really made a huge differences on your makeup!
It makes your eyes looks "wakening" and bright.

I even made a water splash test on the swatches.
(Full water splashing test is in my video)



It doesn't even smudge AT ALL!
That means you still look goddess even you are running during a heavy rain!

As for the colors or the eyebrow, if you are having darker hair, go for DARK BROWN.
If you are having bleach light colors hair, go for the SOFT BROWN.

Right below is the video on how I apply my eyebrow from nothing to something.
Hope you enjoy it!

More info visit :
Thats it for today and I hope you like this review!
See you soon!
*hugs & kisses*


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