Thursday, November 23, 2017

[Cover] Panasonic Beauty New Product Launch Event (WITH ALI LEE!!!!!)

Hi Internet!
I am so excited to share with you the previous Panasonic Beauty New Product Launch!!!
(They even brought Famous TVB Actress ALI LEE to the launching!!!!!!!!)

I am always a fan of TVB drama, Ali Lee starred in a few hot drama in Hong Kong and her acting is natural and professional! I always wonder how she can keep her skin, hair and body in such perfect condition despite she is filming at least 18 hours everyday?! She is gonna reveal her secrets at once!
I am so glad that Panasonic Beauty Malaysia invited me again to join the launching!
Tips from Ali Lee!
1. Hair Dryer + Hair Straightener & Styler
In her previous drama, the role she played (Never Wong) hair style need to curl every single day. Her secret is the Panasonic 2500W hairdryer allows her to dry her hair quickly without damaging it. She told us about she dry and style her hair using both hair dryer and hair straightener makes her hair looks bouncy and get that long lasting curls.

2. Leg Air Massager

She told us that she use to wear high heels for many hours put a strain on her legs, it is a relief to get a nice massage using this device. It's portable and light she even carry it arounds during her filming.
The Leg Air Massager is a new product that massages between 6 & 12 points along the legs.

Click on the video below for the event walk through!

What is the NEW ITEM from Panasonic Beauty?

1. Hair Straitghtener & Styler EH-HS99-K655

2. High Power Ionity Hair Dryer EH-NE82-K655

 I will be demonstrating how these products (3 & 4) saves my time during my daily routine especially travelling! As you know time is money during daily life, but time is GOLD when comes to travelling!
I am a frequent traveller, so if technology as such could help me to save half (or more) my preparation time, just take my money! =D

Here is how I take up the challenge to Blow + Curl in 10 minutes by using the items below:

1.  Compact Ionity Hair Dryer EH-NE20-K655

Both of them is very light weight and suitable to bring it to travel!
(As you know some hotels don't provide hair dryer and some hotel hair dryer damage your hair)
So from now on I am bringing both of them for my every trip!

That's it for today!
Hope you enjoy my cover & review!

*hugs & Kisses*


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  8. The hair styler is really easy to use recommend you all to buy one

    1. Agree cause it has a 95mm ironing plate 10% longer than previous model which helps with faster styling

    2. ya also it is light in weight which when I balik kampung I can bring it too!

    3. Other than that EH-HS99 heats up within 30 seconds to reach 100°C and has 5 different temperature settings, no need to even wait to a minute

  9. It also come with nanoe function which can keep hair moisturize, no need to worry that styling the hair will cause damage to the hair

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