Thursday, April 26, 2018

IN2IT Sheer Matte Blush review for different mood!

Hi internet!
Today I will be sharing about different shades of blusher by IN2IT Sheer Matte Blush that can create different kind of look and mood! This blusher is very pigmented and the shades are too lovely!

IN2IT Sheer Matte Blush made of fine powder with sheer, soft & smooth, waterproof & long wearing. The strong pay-off colours are easy to apply. It is comfortable to wear, contains moisturisers honey & vitamin E. Most importantly this product is fragrance free! =D

For all the shades, I use to brush it on my cheekbone to create a natural sweet blush-on!

MOOD 1: Japanese Sun Burn Make Up
SMB01 Cantaloupe

Tips: Apply around your nose to create the sunburn look with this shade!

MOOD 2: Lovey Dovey Sweet Date Look

Bring a lovely pink look to create a dating mood that makes "him" in love with you!

MOOD 3: Elegant & Feminine Office Lady Look

This shade looks bold and confident in you! It bring out natural blush that just nice for meetings or even suitable for daily look!

MOOD 4: Party Look for a dimmer environment!

With this BERRY Shades, it makes your makeup stand out even in a dimmer environment.
So you can party all night long without

Here is the full video of the review!

More info visit :
Thats it for today and I hope you like this review!
See you soon!
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