Monday, November 12, 2018

SUPERSIZE Angel Aqua Series Skin Care review! VALUE PACK!!!!!!!!

Hi internet!
If you had been following me all these while on Instagram, 
you should know I am just back from Korea! (wink wink)

The XL packaging design from the Angel Aqua series catch my eye!
Can you imagine a toner with the size of 500ML
and Moist Cream and Daily Cica Cream with 1+1 in such low price?

I saw these from THE FACE SHOP store at Myeong Dong and wanted to try them badly.
But due to my luggage constrain, I end up didn't get them back!

But when I am back to Malaysia, 
I almost burst in tears when I saw the PR kit at my house after I went home!!!
So I decided to try them for 2 weeks to measure the result!

And after I got them, I go through their ingredients and realise there is a "Angel's Tears".
Due to my curiosity, I check them out online for more information.

Angel's Tears Extract also nicknames "Baby's Tears", "Chick's Tears" and "Irish moss", 
this cascading plant with tiny, round leaves is found only in very clean, uncontaminated areas.

It's excellent sebum control properties help prevent makeup from slipping off oily skin, but at the same time, deliver enough moisture to soften rough skin texture.

Rich in anti-oxidants, skin becomes clearer, brighter and more elastic. 
Angel's Tears Extract is also know for its anti-inflammatory 
and anti-bacterial effects that help to treat imperfections like acne and sensitivity. 

Another Key Ingredients is Mineral Spout Water!

Sprouts are widely consumed for their health benefits, 
but did you know that they work wonders on skin too?

Broccoli, Rape Flower and Canola Seeds are germinated for 5 days in hot spring water from Spau, Belgium. This maximised the potential of these nutrient-rich spouts by up to 3 times!

The concentrated sprout energy is then carefully-extracted without damaging its properties. Packed with vitamins and amino acids, Mineral Sprout Water helps skin retain its vitality and youth.

Angel Aqua Big Toner
500ML, RM99

Pump and apply to freshen up! 
This super-,ild toner instantly soothes sensitivity and balances the complexion- TECA (Titrated Extract of Centella Asiatica) boosts collagen synthesis for firmer skin, 
while Alllantoin Panthenol soothes sensitivity and prevents moisture loss. 
The phenoxyethanol- and PEG-free formula also provides extra peace of mind. 

Tips: You can even store some in a spray bottle to mist over skin whenever needed!
*Suitable for all skin types*

Texture and Feel: Very Light weight! Absorb to the skin real quick!

How does it feels after applying: Refreshing! Skin feel bouncy!

My skin type: Combination Skin.

Angel Aqua Cream
2 x 150ml, RM130
(Exclusive on only)

Awarded the title of "No.1 Hydrating Cream", this super sized 150G hat contains a lightweight, non oily soothing cream with 70.1% Mineral Sprout Water, making skin vitalised and soft! Organic Babassu Butter and Ceramide provide long-lasting moisture!

Tips: I use Angel Aqua Cream during the day and using the Aqua Cica Cream during the night!
If you are solely using this for day and night, you can apply thicker layer during the night routine,
you will find your skin doink till the universe! =DDD

Texture and Feel: Very Light weight! Absorb to the skin real quick!

How does it feels after applying: Refreshing! Skin feel hydrated!

My skin type: Combination Skin.

Angel Aqua Cica Cream
2 x 100ml, RM130
(Exclusive on only)

Unlike regular cica creams, which are heavy and thick, this soft, easy to absorb cica creams rapid relief for irritated skin. Free from 7 harmful additives (fragrance, coal tar dye, ethanol, mineral oil, paragon, animal-derived oil, sulphate), skin is intensely hydrated with Macro and Micro Hyaluronic Acid. The cica cream is also enriched with TECA and Alllantoin Panthenol.

Tips: I use Angel Aqua Cream during the day and using the Aqua Cica Cream during the night!
The texture is creamy and thicker if compared with the Aqua Cica Cream, I use it during the night to protect my skin to dry out because I use to sleep in the air-con room! If you are travelling to country like Europe/ Japan/ Korea or any other country that having dry weather, this will be very handy!

Texture and Feel: Cream texture! Massage gently to your face to absorb!

How does it feels after applying: Skin feel hydrated and lock up the moisture!

My skin type: Combination Skin.

Let Angel Aqua soothe and saturate your skin with natural moisture. 
Go beyond your expectations without breaking the bank!


Here is a short video of me using this series!

Hope you enjoy!

BEYOND Angel Aqua Skincare range will be available in November 2018, 
exclusively on THE FACE SHOP E-Store: 

That's all for the sharing today!
Do let me know if you any question at my Instagram for a quick reply.
I will try my best to help! =D

See ya soon! XOXO


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