Friday, September 24, 2021

Pandora's all NEW Autumn Collection 2021

Hi internet!!
Today I would like to share about one of my favourite jewellery brand that I am dying to collab!


I believe everyone is familiar with this brand and this Autumn 2021,
I get to try on their latest collection which comes in purple color (MY FAV COLOR!)


PURPLE is definitely my thing!😍
 I am so excited with the Pandora’s all NEW Autumn Collection!

 Looking fab with my Pandora Moments Heart Closure Snake Chain Bracelet alongside the Purple & Green Leaf Charm and also the Pave Feather Dangle Charm. 

The debut charm holders, key rings, hoop earrings and charms offer fresh ways 
to wear your favourite charms and take them to totally new places. 

Crafted in Pandora’s signature high quality metals, the styles invite 
you to creatively customise your earrings, keys, bag, wrist or belt to suit any mood or occasion. 

When it comes to self-expression through style, options are key.
The innovative new designs from the Pandora Moments collection are 
all about freedom – to choose your own look and tell your own story.

😍Look how adorable is this Pandora Moments Heart Closure Snake Chain Bracelet 
alongside the Purple & Green Leaf Charm and also the 
Pave Feather Dangle Charm that blend so well with my daily look!πŸ’•

This autumn, it’s time to create new #unforgettablemoments with #PandoraMalaysia πŸ’œ 

For easy shopping, just WhatsApp Pandora at hotline 018-9897 908!
#PandoraMY #PandoraMalaysia #PandoraMoments @unforgettablemoments_my

Order via this link: 

Hope you girls love my sharing and see you soon!
*Hugs & Kisses*


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