Friday, November 19, 2021

Review: Plant Origins Christmas Bundle


Hi internet!
Christmas is round the corner! Enjoying the new aroma therapy set from Plant Origins🥰  
I can't live without aroma therapy now, I love how it makes my home smell good and makes me relaxed!

Today I am bout to review the Plant Origins Christmas Bundle that made with Love, Hope & Gratitude!

This includes:
Plant Origins Aromatherapy Mountain Diffuser (600ml)
Plant Origins Good Night Sleep Essential Oil Blend (10ml)
Plant Origins Good Night Sleep Aromatherapy Room Spray (100ml)
Plant Origins Lavender Aromatherapy Eye Pillow (1 unit)
 Christmas Letter Card (1 unit)

The Lavender Eye Pillow makes me have a good night sleep over the week and the design of the mountain diffuser gives a premium touch in your house! 

Comes with a Gift Card that can make a cute mini Christmas Tree!

Surprise you loved ones with this thoughtful gift!

With a sleek black exterior that won’t distract from your existing decor and a glass mountain design that’s aesthetically minimalist, the Plant Origins Aromatherapy Mountain Diffuser is an elegant addition to any space. 

Better yet, it comes with a night light function with adjustable timings and colours for a quick and convenient way to instantly create a warm and cosy atmosphere. For an even more relaxing experience, add several drops of your favourite essential oil into the water tank, sit back and enjoy the divine fragrance as it envelops you in its scent. 

With a water tank capacity of 600ml, the Plant Origins Aromatherapy Mountain Diffuser can now produce a super fine mist for more than 26 hours on a full tank of water. Plus, it’s ultra-quiet too so you can wake up with radiant, hydrated skin after a restful night of uninterrupted beauty sleep.

The essential oil I’ve tried this time - Sweet Orange and Bulgarian Lavender smells sooo good that makes me feel relaxing throughout the day and night!😌 

Bulgarian Lavender: 

A rich floral scent with mellow lavender notes and slight fruity nuances, Bulgarian lavender’s sweet fragrance exceeds that of the American variety, making it a more premium variety of lavender. Known in the aromatherapy world as one of the most popular sleep remedies, lavender helps to soothe and relax you mentally and physically. Its gentle scent helps to lull your senses into a relaxing deep sleep so you can wake up refreshed the next day. In addition to being a natural relaxant, lavender also helps to relieve headaches, fatigue and stress. It is naturally anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal, thus making it suitable to aid in wound healing and other skin issues such as reducing acne and acne scars as well as controlling sebum production.

Sweet Orange: 
 Perky, lively and sweet, oranges were once considered luxuries in European courts and no wonder too as its capable of lifting your mood upon the first sniff. In fact, simply sniffing oranges helps to lower blood pressure by a few points! It has been proven that the scent of sweet oranges can reduce anxiety and depression thus making this the best stress relieving scent next to lavender. If used as a massage oil (topical application), sweet orange essential oils still retain the ability to help fight colds and relieve congested lymph. 


Now with only from RM90 you can get a whole set of Christmas Gift Set. Including aromatherapy products, skincare & personal care products from Plant Origins! 

Not sure what to get for your friends or family this Christmas? This is a good deal!✅
Shop here: 

Hope you enjoy my review! Can't wait for Christmas!!!

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