Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Rosken Dry Skin Repair: Repair and Soothe in Just 30 Minutes!


Hi internet!

Preparing for a Wedding is no joke! 

Keeping my appearance to look the best on my wedding day is also a challenging task!

As age is catching up, my skin tends to be more fragile and dry whenever I neglected them.

I couldn't bear to have dry and cracky skin during one of my important day in my life, luckily I discovered 

Rosken Skin Repair!

I didn't put much hope as I tried different products and the results doesn't stay long. 

But thankfully the Rosken Dry Skin Cream really did its job and my skin is now supple and smooth after using it for less than 14 days!

So what got to my attention while trying this product?

Well, it's simple, the Rosken Dry Skin Cream helps Repair and Soothe dry skin in just 30 minutes! This makes it perfect for repairing dry skin from going out all day.

Not only that, the Rosken Dry Skin Cream is also clinically proven and specifically formulated in repairing very dry skin issues by replenishing lost moisture on skin. It forms a protective barrier over our skin to block moisture loss and also make our skin feel silky soft!

 Perfect for repairing dry skin from going out all day.

I use it after my shower everyday as I think that is the best moment for our skin to absorb the cream and my skin won't get dry out the next day even when I am sleeping in an air-conditioner room.

Active ingredients of Rosken Dry Skin Cream:

Dimethicone: Forms a barrier on the skin’s surface to block water loss while giving skin a silky feel.  Helps to improve skin softness and flexibility by filling in the spaces in the top layer of skin/

Olive Oil Extract: Packed with anti-ageing antioxidants and moisture-boosting squalene that helps to add on the moisture for a better moisturised skin.

It also comes with a handy size (75ml) that I can carry/ travel around easily!

I even tested my skin with this skin test indicator.

This reading is before I apply Rosken Dry Skin Cream.

While this reading is after I apply Rosken Dry Skin Cream after 15 minutes at the same area.

As you can see the readings have a dramatic change and I can feel my skin get much bouncier after the application!

So I am happy to recommend this product to my friends and family!

Will use them daily so I can be a gorgeous bride on my wedding day🥰

For more information, feel free to visit their website at: 

Hope you enjoy my review and see you soon!


*hugs & kisses*



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