Friday, June 26, 2015

[Nexus Clinic] What happened on an Aesthetic Blogger Partyyy?!

Hi internet!
I am so glad that I am invited to attend the preview of
Mediviron's Clinic New Aesthetic Wing,

Maybe you might wonder, what actually HAPPENS here?!
Having knife cutting on the face or Liposuction on the fatty belly and hips?
Nexus Clinic is an Aesthetic clinic that only provides aesthetic services for
enhancing beauty, anti-aging and wellness with minimally invasive procedures such as
Lasers and Energy based protocols, Botox and Filers as well as Medical skin treatments!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

[Hair Impression] Haircolor & Hairstyle changed me dramatically!

Hi internet!
Today I gonna share on my new hairstyle that I recently CHANGED! 
Hairstyle does makes A LOT of difference on humans.
It brings out personality that you would like to bring it out and sometimes it could make you look even YOUNGER!!! (YES! TRUST ME coz I am 27 this year)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

[Wardrobe by Vodelle] Simple ways to match with denim WITHOUT ANY EFFORT!

Hi internet!
There is been awhile to update on my fashion spread!
All outfits in this blogpost is from VODELLE to complete my denim mix & match! 

Denim is a very common outfit that you will at least found ONE in your wardrobe!
Do you know how great is the transformation of a denim jeans?

Today I will be showing how simple to mix & match with denim WITHOUT ANY EFFORT!
Outfits that you need:
1) Denim Jeans/dress
2) Simple white/black T-shirt / Tube top
3) sneakers/ canvass shoes

Monday, June 1, 2015

Bancream kicks off cellulite and fats!♥

Hi internet!
Back to my beauty channel again! =DD
Today I gonna share how I kicks off stubborn cellulite and fats on your body!

I booked my KRABI trip on March!
Beach = Bikini for me!!
But wait, I realise my arm and thigh had excessive fats! =((((