Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

Hi internet!
I have always wanted to blog something like this on every year end like now, but I am always being lazy busy so year by year I left out this important part in my life, that is reviewing what I had done this year and do I achieve what I had promised myself during the beginning of the year!

Well, this year, I am glad that I made it! *blushed*
In year 2016, is definitely a good year for me, I gain more knowledge and experience in my career, meet new people and learn more things!

First, I gotta list out what did I achieve in year 2016.
*take a long breath* Let's START!!

1. Take up a new course.
I take up a full flower arranging course. Wanted to learn it since long time ago, but due the fees is quite pricey so I save the budget and plan it this year! Then I made it! =D

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Klara Cosmetics is now available in Malaysia at One Utama! (Review with swatches)

Hi Internet!
December is packed with lots of celebration and happiness including Klara Cosmetics is finally set up their first flagship store in Malaysia, located at One Utama Shopping Centre!
I am so glad that they invited Sharon and me as one of the VIP to attend their grand launching and we met a lot of celebrities and influencers at the event too! We are also excited to meet the Founder, Klara Sabotkoshi too!!!!!

Sharon & Me =DD

Let me show you around! It's looks so fantasy~!

Monday, December 26, 2016

What? Experiencing Doctor On Call just via webcam?!

Hi internet!
Today I gonna share with you some extraordinary experience that happen on early December. I suffered headache often when I am not taking enough of water or stressed out.
To be exact, is called migraine, with this I couldn't work as I will get so frustrated and all I wanted was just sleep, most of the time I even can't drive to a nearby clinic and need my help from Mr.Mars to fetch me to clinic every time. =(( I always feel bad for troubling him as he also need to work and is not a good solution for a long term.

While I am Google-ing some nearby clinic which allow me to make a booking around evening when Mr Mars is about time to off work and fetch me there, I found DoctorOnCall in that page.
According the details I found, DoctorOnCall is Malaysia's FIRST Video & Phone Call Medical Consultation platfrom that introducing chat with doctor instantly from the privacy of their home, through phone for a variety of general health conditions and provide medication home delivery anywhere in Malaysia!
I just click it and it stated that I manage to consult a doctor via ONLINE and medication will sent to me within ONE HOUR?! That's definitely a LIFE-SAVIOUR!!!!!!!!

Sleek Makeup is now AVAILABLE IN MALAYSIA! [Review with swatches]

Hi Internet!
Today it's gonna be a review blog and I will include swatches for the eyeshadow + lipcolor!
I received this parcel from the PR of Sleek Makeup one week before Christmas for review and I am flattered with the colors and the texture of the Matte Me Lip color!

You might not that often to heard of this brand, 
is a UK one of the fastest growing brands on the high-street, creates innovative, superior performance makeup, with strong pigmentation and high quality. Lots of beauty blogger at UK and Europe highly recommend this brand as the good quality of the products and the colors is pigmented (Price is so friendly too~!)

The PR sent me the i-Divine Mineral Based Eyeshadow Palette (A New Day 430)
and Matte Me Ultra smooth matte lip cream which I can't wait to try them on and show you girls!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

How I relief Period Pain Naturally with LP Gentle Herbal Plaster

Hi Internet!
Today I am reviewing something that I never thought of I will be reviewing!
PLASTER?! At such young age?? LOLOLOL
However, it changes my perception to it when my ex colleague gave me as a Christmas Present!
We worked together, so she know hows my body condition when comes to period.
(aww, that's really pain ='( 

I am not too sure I did mention in my blog before that, when I am having period, migraine + period pain they comes together, I think they are evil twins for me. So everytime I had pain killer (when I am at work) or hot pack (When I am home). As you know, you can never tell you superior that I want to take an offday today because I am having period right? What to do, Pain killer lor~~

Yeah, you might tell me, you should had some Bak Fong pills after your period. Or some might say, you should take some EPO (Evening Primrose Oil) daily, it helps. Trust me, I tried but most of the times I still suffer both of them (The evil twins).

Till first week of December, we had a gathering and she gave me this box and ask me to try them out.
She so thoughtful as still remember my evil twins.*touched*
She shared with me about how she find out this product then now she is selling it, she is totally not a hard sell person AT ALL!
(Not sure how you guys think, as I am don't really like those friends that keep pushing me to buy things that I don't need it.)

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Machine Tutorial

Hi internet!
Making a cup of quality tasty coffee is never too expensive or require much skills as you thought.
Last week, I get another unit Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Machine and decided to put it at my work place, I prepared a few cups of Latte (that I owed them last week) for my colleugues and they are amazed with my skills. (Save lots of $$$ too, muahahahhahaa)
(By the way it's actually just a click of button with some quality milk, that's it! =DDD )

At first I brag a bit about I am gifted bla bla bla, then lastly I revealed it was actually made from this Machine, everyone still don't believe until I show them. (Wah I actually got that gifted face I think! LOL)

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Muscular Milk Tea in Malaysia?! Is it worth the hype?

Hi Internet!
Recently I attended an extraordinary event which literally full of

Yeah I am a lady, so I remain SO CALM.
Then I try to cool myself down by touching them.
Wait, What touching?
YESH, I even get the chance to...Taste them well.

I am done with such cheesy opening and now less have some serious talk! =D
Talking about the Hong Kong Muscular Milk tea that just hit Malaysia awhile ago,
as they just launched this week and become the top hit in town!