Thursday, May 26, 2016

Start to earn 3.6% PA MONTHLY with FIXED DEPOSIT at Maybank2u!

Hi Internet!
This is my first time sharing something about financial planing! =DD
I had been using Maybank2u Fixed Deposit for 1 year plus and I find it
really easy and you don't even have to go to bank to apply!

Was chit chatting with my friends last gathering and they doesn't know about this!
They was like:" wah, got so easy or not?!"
They apponted me to blog about this, they said that I should let more
people know about this. Actually I did plan to blog about it since last year but
busy working lifestyle makes me have to delayed it till today.

Ok let's start! Don't worry, I will keep it as simple as possible
so everyone of you can earn min 3.15% EASILY

FIRSST, you have to have a Maybank2u account.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Macalister Mansion Definitely makes the BEST fine-dine birthday dinner in Penang!

Hi internet!
I am so glad to celebrate my early birthday in

that are located at Macalister Road,

This was my best birthday meals I ever had in Penang.*heart emotion*
There are a total 10 course in total and we take our own sweet time to had our romantic meals as this was also the first birthday celebrate with my MR Mars in Penang!

First of all, the venue was AWESOME!

That day, we are having our dinner in the "Dining room".

The Dining Room ambiance was so "Santorini"

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

[Fitness First] My Fitness Diary Episode 07- CHANGES in ME

Hi internet!
Today I gonna talk about the changes that I can feel in my body after over 7 weeks
of working out using the 10-week work-out programme by using CustomFit App.

As age catching up, you easily get bunch of tummy EASILY!!!!

I am showing you guys my flaws today! ='(((((
This photo taken before I went for my BioScore (right after Chinese New Year)

That is my TUMMY!!!
That fat (some call it spare tayar) *cry*

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

[Fitness First] My Fitness Diary Episode 05- Meal/Nutrition Plan

Hi internet!
Today I’m gonna share my Meal/Nutrition Plan that I have started using based on the 
FitForFashion website to further prepare me for my workouts!

Besides introducing CustomFit and BioScore this season, Fit for Fashion also featured a 10-week Get Fit programme which includes a nutrition programme.

I've included some tips from the programme here but do check out the website for more!

I’ve been adjusting myself to only consume based on the nutrition plan as closely as possible.
There are too many ingredients on the , so I just hand picked a few
recipes that are now becoming my favorites!

Before I got into fitness with Fitness First, I was someone that LOVES JUNKFOOD ALOTTT!
*Just like the photo above* 
I am sure you might turn out to be a junk food lover like me too right?

Sunday, May 8, 2016

ESSE Organic Skin Care is now in Malaysia! -Event

Hi internet!
Today I gonna share about the Esse Plus Launching Event that I attended last week
with my bestie Blogger Sharon Yong! =DD

Let me slightly give you some information about ESSE Organic Skincare before we get started!
ESSE Organic Skincare is a South Africa’s leading organic skincare brand launches a 
super-premium probiotic range.Esse Organic Skincare has produced certified organic 
products for the salon and spa industry for the last 10 years and the range is now exported to more 
than 20 countries around the world. (And now you can get it it Malaysia! YEAY!)

In the event, we discover that Esse has evolved rapidly over the last few years to keep pace with 
scientific advances in the way that skin is understood. (A very high-tech kinda skincare series!)

Saturday, May 7, 2016

3CE now available in SEPHORA! - REVIEW

Hi internet!
Today is all about KOREAN cosmetic day. =D

I've been obsessed with "Korean Make up" since I travel to Korea 
for the first time three years ago.
(Korean girls makeup is so natural and baby-looked blush skin!!!!!!!)

Since then (year 2013), I discovered a brand name "3CE" when I travelled to Korea 
and when I tried on the products in one of the Lotte Shopping Malls, 
I bought some of them home!
I fall in love with the liquid blusher tube kind of thing 
that also told that can be used as a lip tint!

Miracle happens when last month I was totally so excited when PR of Sephora 
send me the 3CE cosmetic set to my office and inform me that 
3CE is now available in SEPHORA MALAYSIA!!!

It's so important so I have to repeat 3 times!!!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Candy-Girl Formation by TheCandySkin Cosmetics!

Today I am super excited to share my new cosmetic set from

Thanks TheCandySkin team for sending the "Beauty box" and
the packaging is so "Princess" and I feel so badly spoilt. XDDD

AWW! Lace interface!

All items is packed well in a box

Everything sit right inside the box perfectly and tidily! 

Those SHADES!!!!!!
It comes with Lipstick, Mascara, Gel Eyeliner and Foundation.

So I gonna try them on my face and I came out with a very simple Makeup Tutorial
by using all cosmetics from TheCandySkin.
It's really easy as A-B-C. Just follow the steps.

Gift that tells time and memories makes Aries Gold the Perfect Watch

Hi internet!
I just can't wait to share my first ever watch review in my blog!
Watches is something that bring out your personality and bring out the class.
And of course, if your watches matches with your wardrobe, you WIN the #ootd hashtag well!

Today I gonna share this watch brand named
that was born since 1908 

This is my birthday pressie from Aries Gold.
Model: Conqueress 5004