Tuesday, December 11, 2018

【REVIEW】Does DERMABELL modeling mask really work?

Anyeong internet!!
I received a parcel from Dermabell that are made in KOREA and can't wait to try it with you guys!
Recently my BFF Joewy came back to Malaysia from Taiwan for a commercial advertisement shooting and I hosted her stay. And this is the best time for girls to chilled with mask and gossip I mean talk about our future! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

So how extra ordinary is this MODELING MASK?!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Hi internet!
It's SKINCARE day again!
Another Korea brand that I would like to review and 
this brand just on board in Malaysia!
This brand is

I attended one of their workshop 3 weeks back and try it on the spot on my hand,
I can feel my hand shine with moisture!

Thank You Farmer team generously gave me almost the whole series (10 products) 
and try it at home. I usually took 2 weeks to try on 1 brand for the whole range to measure the results! So sometimes I am kind of slow when comes to review skincare! OOPSS!

But today I will guide you step to step for the K-Beauty Routine!

Monday, November 12, 2018

SUPERSIZE Angel Aqua Series Skin Care review! VALUE PACK!!!!!!!!

Hi internet!
If you had been following me all these while on Instagram, 
you should know I am just back from Korea! (wink wink)

The XL packaging design from the Angel Aqua series catch my eye!
Can you imagine a toner with the size of 500ML
and Moist Cream and Daily Cica Cream with 1+1 in such low price?

I saw these from THE FACE SHOP store at Myeong Dong and wanted to try them badly.
But due to my luggage constrain, I end up didn't get them back!

But when I am back to Malaysia, 
I almost burst in tears when I saw the PR kit at my house after I went home!!!
So I decided to try them for 2 weeks to measure the result!

And after I got them, I go through their ingredients and realise there is a "Angel's Tears".
Due to my curiosity, I check them out online for more information.

Angel's Tears Extract also nicknames "Baby's Tears", "Chick's Tears" and "Irish moss", 
this cascading plant with tiny, round leaves is found only in very clean, uncontaminated areas.

Monday, October 8, 2018

[NEW] MOST Affordable Make-up Remover in town from IN2IT!

Hi internet!
I think this is the 3rd time I am reviewing IN2IT products but this time I am trying out their make-up remover and I am so excited to invite my BFF Serene to try it together with me!

This time they newly launched a range of make-up removers includes
Cleansing Water, Cleansing Oil, Cleansing Cream & Eye & Lip Remover that infused with many natural extracts.

Some of them have different usage for a better "cleaning" work on your face!
Let's discover it together!

Natural Beauty

Cleansing Water with natural extracts of aloe vera, mushroom extract, 
sodium hyaluronate and vitamin E!
-Alcohol free & Mineral oil free

This is suitable for lazy person like me!
It can uses on all over the face as easy as ABC!
You may refer to the animation above, I apply different make-up on my hand
(blusher, eyebrow pencil, waterproof lipstick, Liptint, water-proof-eye liner)
and with just 1 wipe almost everything gone!

Natural Beauty

Cleansing Oil with natural extracts of Aloe Vera, Camellia, Rice Bran Oil and Vitamin E!
Compare to cleansing water, this will remove waterproof makeup much easier!
It is suitable to use on the whole face and melts with the make-up so easily.

Natural Beauty

Cleansing Cream with natural extracts of aloe vera, olive oil, sodium hyaluronate and vitamin E.
Suitable for daily make-up, usage is similar with cleansing oil but this is on cream type.
After cleansing with this, we found that our skin remains doink doink moisture and does not dry up the skin!

Natural Beauty

Make-up remover for eyes and lip with natural extracts of aloe vera, cucumber extract and witch hazel extract! If you prefer to use eyes & lips make-up remover for perfect cleansing purpose and this one definitely nail it!
I apply different kind of matte lipstick and waterproof eye liner that I usually take some time to remove via normal remover,
 but with this just 1 wipe and it's all gone forever!

Natural Beauty

With its pure ice berg, Make-up Stay, Mineral Setting Mist refreshes skin throughout the day! It's formulated with Sea Star Collagen to restore skin elasticity and provides powerful antioxidant protection. It's also infused with Aloe Vera Extract and chamomile Extract which tones and moist your skin! You can also use it as a setting spray to revive color throughout the day!

Iceberg Water: Provides moisture and refreshment of all skin.
Aloe Vera: Provides moisturise and soothe the skin.
Seastar Collagen: Enhance skin elasticity.
Chamomile Extract: Provide extra moisture to the skin.

I personally love this ALOT!
Serene and I did try before starting our shopping in the morning and our make-up still set perfectly at 5PM! After removing our make-up, you may apply it after moistures to soothe your skin!
The water feels cooling and I definitely bring a few bottles with me on my coming trip to Dubai and Europe!

As a conclusion, I can't choose which is my favourite as all of them serve a unique purpose for me!
I adore IN2IT packaging as all of them in handy size and can easily bring them with me during my travel! For the pricing, IN2IT always did a great job for us as a consumer as it is so affordable with such quality! If your make-up remover is running low, it's time to try them out and you will definitely IN TO IT! (IN2IT)


Last but not least, there is a review a.k.a BFF Make-up remover Challenge  with Serene below!
It's took up to almost 9 minutes, so grab some popcorn and enjoy the fun with us!

Hope you enjoy my Blog and Video and I hope to see you soon!

More info please visit :

Monday, September 3, 2018

Luxurious Dr. Morita Silk Mask is now available in Malaysia!

Hi Internet!
I am so excited for this new launching of the Silk Mask by Dr. Morita before my Europe Trip!

Dr Morita Silk Fiber range of masks is made from highly prized, fine and luxurious silk. 
Its silk mask sets comfortably to the shape of the face whilst releasing the specially formulated Dr. Morita’s essences onto skin.  The previous ones is already sets perfectly, this is another level! 

My skin feels softer, smoother, more nourished and moisturized than ever before.

I attended the launching and Dr. Jou told us that the 
Dr. Morita’s latest silk-based range is the perfect mask that combines both use of materials and high-quality ingredients.It incorporates the use of a uniquely crafted mask sheet made from the finest and strongest natural silk fiber and award winning Hyaluronic Acid formulations which contains micro molecules of Hyaluronic Acid, and 11 types of Amino Acids essences.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

3 MUST HAVE Sunscreen from THE FACE SHOP to DIE FOR!

Hi internet!
This round is all about SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN and SUNSCREEN.
I am a person that are soo madly into SUNSCREEN because I can get 
easily tanned EVEN I STAY HOME ALL DAY!

So since young I started to explore sunscreen to keep my skin from become dark and tanned.
With sunscreen, your skin is well protected from harmful UVA/UVB and 
this is the key to keep your skin stay young!
I have tried different kinds of sunscreen with different kind of texture and below is my review on the 3 sunscreen from THE FACE SHOP!

Today I would strongly recommend this 3 different kind of SUNSCREEN from THE FACE SHOP.
I could say this 3 sunscreen can lasts you 365 days that you need from Sunscreen Family!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

IN2IT Sheer Matte Blush review for different mood!

Hi internet!
Today I will be sharing about different shades of blusher by IN2IT Sheer Matte Blush that can create different kind of look and mood! This blusher is very pigmented and the shades are too lovely!

IN2IT Sheer Matte Blush made of fine powder with sheer, soft & smooth, waterproof & long wearing. The strong pay-off colours are easy to apply. It is comfortable to wear, contains moisturisers honey & vitamin E. Most importantly this product is fragrance free! =D

For all the shades, I use to brush it on my cheekbone to create a natural sweet blush-on!

MOOD 1: Japanese Sun Burn Make Up
SMB01 Cantaloupe

Tips: Apply around your nose to create the sunburn look with this shade!

MOOD 2: Lovey Dovey Sweet Date Look

Bring a lovely pink look to create a dating mood that makes "him" in love with you!

MOOD 3: Elegant & Feminine Office Lady Look

This shade looks bold and confident in you! It bring out natural blush that just nice for meetings or even suitable for daily look!

MOOD 4: Party Look for a dimmer environment!

With this BERRY Shades, it makes your makeup stand out even in a dimmer environment.
So you can party all night long without

Here is the full video of the review!

More info visit :
Thats it for today and I hope you like this review!
See you soon!
*hugs & kisses*

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Dr. Belmeur Advance Cica - My SOS RESCUE Formula

Hi internet!
Today I am so excited to review the latest new range of skin care by THE FACE SHOP!!
Dr. Belmeur Advanced Cica, a premium skincare line for delicate skin.

Imagine you are having a sensitive skin, and important dates is coming within a month and your skin condition makes you worry!
With the Korean skin care technology, you found a right doctor, that's Dr. Belmeur Advanced Cica!
So keep calm and stay pretty!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Revealing Hadalabo secret tips for enhancement!

Hi internet!
It's been awhile for me to update some skincare post on my blog.
There is some secret that I would like to update with you girls after attending
the workshop by Hadalabo Malaysia and they invited the Skincare Guru Liu Yan from Taiwan!

She told us that she is 42, but her skin looks like 28!
There must be some secret behind this.
I would like to look like 21 THROUGH MY ENTIRE LIFE!

So make sure you bookmark this link as I am demonstrating together with everyone in the workshop!
I made them all ingot file for a better understanding (Although this spend so much time on convert all video file to gif, but I felt satisfied when everyone manage to follow the steps closely!) HEHEHE

We are removing the makeup ON THE SPOT!
TIPS: Make sure you remove your makeup GENTLY, yes, GENTLY!
Don't use all your strength as if you are cleaning your toilet! *laughs*


We apply this step right after removing our make up!
By using Hadalabo Peeling Lotion is to ensure your skin is really clean from any remaining residue!
TIPS: In my gif file, I include a step that is pin point on the nose area so 


This is some kind of magic toner to me!
This Hadalabo signature hydrating lotion FEEDS & LOCKED your skin with lots of water!
I apply generous amount on a cotton pad, gently apply them all over my face.
Any remaining I will split the cotton into 2 pieces and soaked it on my cheek for 1-2 minutes.


After Hydrating Lotion, it's advisable to apply the Hadalabo Hydrating Essence to have a more intense moisture to achieve the "doink doink look" ! A few drops is enough and by using your middle and ring finger to massage to your face.


For day, apply a bean size and massage it to your face.
For night, you can apply generous amount and leave it for 15 minutes. Then massage the remaining on your face and even your neck! After all these steps, you can feel your skin is REVIVE
(Like a real "doink doink"!!)


Don't forget to apply the UV sunscreen before heading out to prevent the harmful UV rays to destroy your skin! This Hadalabo Air UV Fresh is TOTALLY NON STICKY AT ALL!
Skincare GURU Liu Yan even taught us by using make up sponge to apply to achieve even better coverage! 

So I hope my tutorial I useful to achieve glass skin!

You can easily get them at all major pharmacies including
Watsons | Guardian | Aeon Wellness

For more information you may check on their website:

*Hugs & kisses*