Saturday, September 9, 2017

Insta Worthy Paradise -SIHANOUKVILLE Itinerary that below RM800 per person!

Hi internet!
It's been awhile after I am wandering around places, and now I am back to catch up with my blog post! Lately, I am super excited to invited by Airasia to explore the new exciting route, SIHANOUKVILLE, CAMBODIA.

I am new to Cambodia, but the experience is awesome! 
For a short getaway I think 3 Days 2 Nights is perfect!
Let me bring you guys walk through what I had experienced, super INSTA WORTHY Travel location!

If you are going in pairs, 1 person for flight + hotel + Island hopping is only
Island Hopping is around 35 USD/ person

Affordable Air Ticket
The return air ticket is very affordable from Airasia: Usual rate is around RM292.90 
(It might even cheaper during the  ZERO fair)

Premium 4 STAR Hotel with affordable rate
Dara Independence Hotel from RM315/night
With Fantastic Sunset view!

Visondata Pocket Wifi (Optional)