Sunday, August 28, 2016

New Launched in Malaysia! IT Cosmetics Product Review with First Impression video!

Hi Internet!
Finally get my travel blog post done and I finally have time to blog about 
some interesting and latest cosmetics that had just on board in MALAYSIA.
Who can ever resist skin loving products?
Here I am today to introduce the mighty
& welcome to MALAYSIA!

So I bet most of you are new with IT Cosmetics, but don't worry I will be
feeding you on why international bloggers always been blogging and using them.
If you think that,"maybe they pay money to them lorh"
Who will be using bad products on their own face then share to their followers
and get a bad skin together so everyone will hate them forever?
Doesn't make any sense right?

So yar, maybe some on my points below might changed you life, so better share this link
in your facebook feed so it stays forever. No worries, share it first, I can wait. =D

Welcome back my dear!
So before getting started, I am showing you girls a first impression video on the overall
before & after and how long does this makeup last test.
Historical moment of how KAKAK A GIRL becomes LENGLUIS

Is it impressive? (eye blinking~)
Err, yar I mean the effect. LOL
As usually my makeup especially foundation or bb cream, it turns oily after 3-4 hours
and I have to touch up again if I am attending some events or else I usually leave it and just dapped with tissue paper but in the end of the day I looks "tired" although with my makeup on.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Travel: Free & Easy 14 Days London & Netherland Itinerary (With Vlog)

Hi internet!
Last month I travelled to Europe (Netherlands and London) with Joewy and
it's a quite exciting and challenging vacation for us as it is all
but of course we did made our own itinerary before that!
I can't wait to share our experience and Itinerary with you guys!

Usually everyone travelled to Europe, they will eventually travel like 10+ countries nearby like
Paris, Belgium, Milan, Poland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland etc.

But we both travelled to only 2 countries that is Netherland and England.
We made that decision is because we want to focus on these 2 countries,
rather than doing "countries hopping" and stay one night for each country. =.=|||
Most important is England & Netherland both can be communicate with ENGLISH!
Netherland and England is still consider "safer" to travelled for 2 girls traveller like us.

Here is my travel Vlog for the past 14 days we spent in Europe,
we really have fun and I am blessed that I have Joewy in my life as my best friend
and soul mate. This is not the first country we travelled together and this wont be the last too!

Hope you enjoy the video! =DDDD

I will list down some expenses (that I remembered) and some tips here so you guys can
estimate your budget for the trip!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Shopping experience in Dragon Centre Hong Kong! (with Vlog)

Hi Internet!
Previously there are some of you message me about where I shop about in HK,
so today I gonna share some shopping places in Hong Kong that I think
is kinda suitable for family/couple and besties travel!

Before that, I would like to share my Travel Vlog with you about that few days
Joewy and I in Hong Kong!

Hope you enjoy the video!
So let's start on the shopping post!!!!

It's located at Sham Shui Po, it's easy to access via buses or MRT.
Click on the website for more information.

Did you spot Joewy? =DDD
And if I am not mistaken, I remember this mall appears in the latest TVB drama.

Top 10 reason staying with The Charterhouse Hong Kong for business trips and vacation

Hi internet!
In the previous post, I did show you guys places to stay within your budget 
if you are travelling to Hong Kong for your upcoming trips. 

However, some of you may consider a little more spacious room for some packed 
business trips or require bigger beds for a better comfort that don't mind spending a 
little bit more and I would say that The Charterhouse is one of the best choice.


So I will list out some reasons that why staying here is the best choice.

They are located in Causeway Bay, considering the needs of their business visitors,
their hotel shuttle bus will take you to Hong Kong Convention and exhibition Centre during 
trade fair and event periods in just a few minutes.

As for visitors exploring different beauties of Hong Kong, splendid shopping malls like 
Time Square,SOGO, Hysan Place and easy transportation system like Causeway Bay MTR 
are a few steps from our hotel which will never disappoint you. 

Pairing your budget travel to Hong Kong with Mini Hotel!

Hi Internet!
Last month was a playing hectic month, as I almost travel to 3 countries in a month!
Today's post is gonna share about where about to stay 
BUDGET that also comes with GOOD LOCATION in HONG KONG 
for a short trip and long trip! 

So who don't love Hong Kong and TVB Dramas?
Wish to travel to HK but in a low budget, then this blog is the right place for you to know more.

Mini Hotel room size is really mini, but it had already covers everything you need!
With the unbeatable affordable rate per night with such location, I can say that you can't get
a better hotel than mini hotel!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Travel Hacks: How to stay in HONG KONG with RM30 per person/day in a nice studio!

Hi Internet!
Today I am doing a review of MINI STUDIO STANLEY.
If you are coming for a working trip or other reasons that require you to stay 
at least 1 MONTH in HK, this place is where you should consider because
 it's really value for money and you are staying inside a BUNGLO! 


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Master Level meals that can be done in minutes from SPARGO MILLS!

Hi internet!
Ehem, today I am Chef Purpletiff~~~~=D
Wanna share some FOOD RECIPE with you guys! *laugh*
Recently I did attended an event hosted by Spargo Mills, it's about instant food paste/ powder
that are ready made and you just need to add some basic ingredients and cook like a PRO!
I find it really really really mind blowing and wanna share with you guys!

Sometimes, you need to have to do some cooking when you might:
1. Want to impress your botfriend~
2. Want to impress your boyfriend family. (usually bf mums like girls that can cook)
3. Having some mini home gathering party. (much more cheaper weh~)
4. Too lazy to drive out to eat during the weekends. =D

So yar, you might need it one day so now it's time for you to learn some
That I think pretty much suits you! XDDDD
I mean, that are good for you!

But after I attended the event, I could actually buy the ready made instant food paste/ powder
and DIY myself easy like ABC!
The most important thing is that, the taste is great and #likeAPro man!!!!
Spargo Mills uses only natural ingredients uses

OK, stop talking and let's proceed to the lessons that I've learned that day during the event!

That day was the day I just touch down Malaysia from Amsterdam!
I travelled in Europe for almost 2 weeks and I miss Malaysia food like A LOTTT!!

Once I reached the venue, I smell LOVE! *saliva dripping*
There are Malaysian FOOODDD Everywhere in the room!