Monday, August 19, 2019

[REVIEW] IN2IT Satin Matte Liquid Lip Mini [Limited Edition]

Hi internet!
It's LIP COLOR day for me as I received the whole set of
"Satin Matte Liquid Lip Mini in Limited Edition"
from IN2IT and I would like to review them and make 
some color swatches on my arms and lips!

The colors and texture are SO SO PRETTY and I can't even decide
which one is my favorite!!! Perhaps you can help me to pick one or two among ten of them? =D

Swatches on my arms!

Swatches on my LIPS 

Tuesday, August 6, 2019


Hi Internet!
Everyone is asking when I am sharing it, so here it goes!!
Today I am sharing FUKUOKA ITINERARY~!

There are number of followers/ friends asking handful of question regarding the FUKUOKA trip.
Here comes some random question I got and today I would like to reply them once in awhile!

1. Is Fukuoka nice place to travel?