Monday, February 29, 2016

Bouncy Moisture Skin with Dr. Morita Mask!

Hi Internet!
Today I gonna talk about one of my favorite MASK!
I am really fancy with Taiwan face mask since the first time I travel to Taipei!
I bought various brands and one of the brand that I felt most suitable and my skin
"drink" the most moisture in it was Dr. Morita!

The good news is,
DR. Morita is now available in Malaysia!!! (YEAHHH)
(I don't have to asked my friend to buy them back from Taiwan anymore~)
Plus I am shocked that the price was really reasonable!!!

 I was invited to the media launch but I can't attend due to I am in Taipei that time.

Big Thanks to the PR from Dr.Morita that handed me their best seller for me to review personally!

I am super excited just because I am a BIG FAN of Dr. Morita Mask!

Here are the collections that listed as their best seller!

Super Moisturizing factor to help locking moisture all-day long for firm and supple skin. Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, named as small-molecule hyaluronic acid. The molecular weight is very small and can be easily be absorbed into the skin and retaining moisture.

Dry and tired skin.

Chili's Meal for 2 pax for either RM75 or RM85! *Limited Time*

Hi Internet!
Thanks Chili's Malaysia for the food review for their new menu and
I gonna tell you a great deal that Chili's Malaysia is offering in this moment!

RM75/ RM85
Includes ONE Starter & TWO Main Course! (2 pax)
This was way too affordable! (DROOL)

Let's see what I chosen for the RM75 packages!

For the Starter, we go for 

Hello from the VAMPIRE that loves FOOOD!!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

[Fitness First] My Fitness Diary Episode 2

Hi internet!
Last week I finally made time to check out BioScore by Fitness First and it was EPIC!

I always felt that I am quite healthy as I don't club, smoke or drink.
However I ended up with BioScore results that made me realise how unfit I am! >///<

Let me bring you guys through some of the highlights through the BioScore test that I had to go through!
(Not as simple as I thought! LOLOLOL)


The video below is my BioScore Fitness Diary Vlog that featuring a super untalented young woman doing her BioScore and Fails alot! LOLOLOL =DD

Monday, February 22, 2016

[Hair Secret] The COOLEST Hair Colour in year 2016!

Hi Internet!
Today I gonna share the COOLEST hair colour in year 2016!
that I just did it last month right before Chinese New Year at

Many friends and some of you message me for some question like:
Where did you colour this ASH GREY hair?
 How long it will lasts?
 How much it cost?
 How many times did I bleach?
Will it dry up your hair?

and so on...

Sunday, February 21, 2016

[Fitness First] My Fitness Diary Episode 1

Hey Everyone!
Today I am gonna start my very own Fitness diary from
ZERO to HERO! (I swear!!!!)
(PS: My wishlist of 2016 was having a healthy and great body shape.) XDD

However, the year started out not as planned when I gained some weight (I mean fats >///< ). This happened right after Chinese New Year due having too much good food!

I can’t control myself sometimes….


I admit I am not a sports oriented person but in terms of achieving my goal of getting a healthy & good body shape, I have to make time and 
discipline and keeping to a work-out regime!

YARR, I did visit my gym at my condo (maybe twice a month, lololol)
but this is just an ordinary exercise and did not help much on getting any closer to my goals!

(and since its just downstairs its so easy to come up with excuses and not get a work-out done)

Recently I have been watching Fit for Fashion Season 2 on Starworld. 
This show really makes me wanna have a visit to Fitness First so badly to do my Bioscore.  I am so curious to see where I stand in terms of my fitness.

After doing some research, I also found that they are having a free trial!! (oh YES!!)

Sunday, February 7, 2016

[Food Review] Mak's Chee Wonton Noodles - The Best egg noodles & Fresh Prawn Wonton I ever had!

Hi Internet!
Today I gonna share this legendary Wonton noodles that set their very 
FIRST OUTLET in Malaysia all the way from HONGKONG
at One Utama Lot LG 311D (Opposite Cold Storage)

Mak’s Chee, the brand new restaurant that cooks up near 100 years old  
authentic prawn wonton noodle recipe made famous by Guangzhou’s King of Wonton Noodle!

I am so flattered when I get invited to this Blogger Food Review before their 
grand opening last month!

My first thought when I get invited to this food review was:
Specialty Wonton Noodles Shop? Sells only Wonton Noodles, Seriously?

[TRAVEL] My 6 Days 5 nights SEOUL Itinerary that spend below RM1000 ! ♥

Hi internet!
I know you guys are waiting for my Seoul Korea Itinerary for about 2 months!
I finally get my video done (it's about 13 minuets long) but hope you can feel
the atmosphere of me and my family visiting Seoul during the Christmas! ♥♥

Many people had a misconception about Korea = Expensive trip!
No it's not at all, if you plan it right, Free & Easy Trip is totally low cost!

First, make sure you bookmarked this link or share it on your Facebook.
(So you could find it back easily! =D)
Sit back and relax and I will show you how to travel in Seoul 
below RM1000 
include accommodations.

Monday, February 1, 2016

[Aesthetic]Sliq Clinic "Fire & Ice" Medical Treatment for INSTANT Sparkling Radiance (Best for Brides-to-be)

Hi Internet!
I've been busying these days on events and work at my office this entire January,
friends and colleagues been asking me why I don't look tired on my skin instead?

Yar I admit I use the right product to maintain my skin, 
However, it only maintain as I said.
I usually went to facial salons every month for a normal facial treatment to clear all those impurities that stays in my skin, but since then when I discover something called
I switched to have a regular "medical treatment" instead. when the price tag is similar right! =D