Tuesday, June 23, 2015

[Hair Impression] Haircolor & Hairstyle changed me dramatically!

Hi internet!
Today I gonna share on my new hairstyle that I recently CHANGED! 
Hairstyle does makes A LOT of difference on humans.
It brings out personality that you would like to bring it out and sometimes it could make you look even YOUNGER!!! (YES! TRUST ME coz I am 27 this year)

People around me keep asking me why do I cut my hair at this length.
The answer is, short hair is compatible with my attitude and personality.
And one more thing, if you looks good on short hair, long hair is never ever even a problem! =D
Sometimes by cutting it short, you will look younger with just a change of hair style.
You might wonder, what if short hair doesn't suit me after I get the hair cut done?!?!
Is alright, is just hair my dear, hair is something that will keep growing till the day you die! =D
At least you tried once in your life right? =DDD
Never try never know!

Stop the talking and start my review!
This time I gonna dye and get a new hair cut with Hair Impression Academy!

I had the honour to have a hair cut done by the Director, Isaac Phang!

My hair before getting chop!
(With the director turn-around-smile! =DDDDDD ) AAAWWWW

I am so anticipating to see the NEW ME!!

First, wash my hair before the hair cut & hair dye! =D

I enjoyed people washing my hair, like ALOT! =DDD

DANG!! Done and now waiting to dry my hair and here come for the Director Cut! 

Before started,  I told Isaac that I want something different from my previous short hair.
I requested a Korean style bob hairstyle! *wink wink*
And he proceed with no hesitation.


The view from the behind!

Side view! I love the cutting a lot! It makes my hair looks so bouncy! 
AWWW I love this haircut!

Thanks Isaac for the perfect director cut 

After the perfect haircut, here comes the special color custom made hair dye~
I told Isaac that I would prefer a colder version color.
Then he advise me to dyed a two tone color to look more "Korean"!

Isaac segmented it for the hair dye. He told me that he will dye twice to get the custom made color.
According to him, this will "wash off" the color of my hair.
So later on my hair will be bright yellowish. 
However the chemical that he use will not cause fatal damage to my hair.
(So my hair will still remain the moisture and healthy XDD )

Here is what it looks after the first dye!

It looks super nice color too! 

But lets see the final artwork that I really impressed on his work!

The one helping me to take this photo is our Director Isaac! =DD

There are more photos taken after my hair dye for a closer look!
My hair still looks shining and healthy as I did a treatment after the hair dye too!

With this makeup and the hair, I feel like Kpop =DDDDD

My inner hair color is darker brown, outside will be a bright milktea custom made color that suits my skin and eye color by using this chart! =D
When I heard about this, and they use the color card to custom made my hair color, that's what you define professional hair artiste!
This is also to make sure the color will suit you well with almost no risk taken!

And the favorite part is the greyish hair on the back view! 

Color after 1 week! (With dim lighting)

The color after 2 weeks! (with bright lighting)
Still that pretty color and it DID NOT FADE AT ALL!

I am sooooo SATISFIED with my new hair style with Hair Impression Academy!
If you wish to have Kpop style hairstyle like me, you can visit them at:

Hope you enjoy my blogpost! xoxo


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