Sunday, June 21, 2015

[Wardrobe by Vodelle] Simple ways to match with denim WITHOUT ANY EFFORT!

Hi internet!
There is been awhile to update on my fashion spread!
All outfits in this blogpost is from VODELLE to complete my denim mix & match! 

Denim is a very common outfit that you will at least found ONE in your wardrobe!
Do you know how great is the transformation of a denim jeans?

Today I will be showing how simple to mix & match with denim WITHOUT ANY EFFORT!
Outfits that you need:
1) Denim Jeans/dress
2) Simple white/black T-shirt / Tube top
3) sneakers/ canvass shoes

Set 1: White T-shirt + Denim Jeans (Boyfriend Jeans) + Canvass Shoes

What is Boyfriend Jeans?
Boyfriend jeans cutting will be slightly looser cutting, just like you are wearing your boyfriend's jeans!

This is one of the evergreen style of wearing that NEVER EVER goes wrong!
Besides white Tee, black Tee will looks great too!
This year (2015) denim fashion will be torn jeans, looks really nice and casual.
(makes you a good girl / easygoing girl / evil-free girl =D )

Set 2: Overall Jeans + White Tee + Canvass Shoe


What is Overall Jeans?
Just like my photo above, like many of the construction workers usually wearing it.


Because Minions is wearing it too!

Set 3: White T-shirt + Overall Jeans (Capri Length) + Canvass Shoes

This is also an Overall Jeans but with Capri Length.
What is Capri Length?
It means three-quarter pants. =D

I love every length of Overall jeans!! (LIKE REALLLLYYY ALOTTTT!!!!)

Set 4: White T-shirt + Overall Jeans (Long) + Canvass Shoes

Long Overall Jeans will makes you looks very sporty and energizing!
It brings another personality like easy-going whenever you are in this outfit. =DD
I had an overall jeans that had already wear more than 5 years, and still look in trend now!

My advise is every girls wardrobe should have one of your favorite length of Overall Jeans!

Set 5: Black T-shirt + Overall Jeans (Dress) + Canvass Shoes

Overall Dress is berry cute outfit! 
It makes you look cute and petite INSTANTLY!! 
Suitable for Pregnant mummy too! 
You can buy a bigger size for this to be a cool mama!!

Set 6: Black Tube Top + Denim Shorts  + Denim Jacket + Canvass Shoes

This is a chapter of sexy denim series! (good girl gone wild series =DDD )
Like what I mention earlier, denim can make you a good girl.
BUT, with some Mix & Match, it can be a sexy foxy too with a SIMPLE combination!

Save the WILDEST for the last! =DD (*shy*)

Set 6: Black Tube Top + Denim Slim Cut Cropped Jeans  + Denim Jacket + Sneakers

Second set of : Good Girl gone WILD series =DDD
Also a very SIMPLE combination to achieve this!
Advisable with a little make up to enhance the outfit!

That's all for today denim tutorial!
A big thanks for for all the outfit!
To get the same denim outfit like I wear, please feel free to check it out with them!


LASTLYYY, I prepared some photos & video of Behind the Scene! =D

My Overall Jeans wants me to be SEXYYY!! *SHY SHY*

Thanks to our Photographer Jack on the Left, followed by Venuss (Director of Vodelle) and my Makeup artiste Elaine Poh and Katherine Teh!

Here comes the video!!
Credit mention to Elaine Poh 



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