Friday, July 3, 2015

[Cyber Bully] An Open Letter to dear Faker!

 Dear Faker,

Good day to you!
Thank you for your time for stalking me, removing the watermark from my photos and trying hard to pretending to be me all these years. Wow, that's a lot of effort and I do find that you are really smart and had the passion on doing this without fail continuously all these years. However, recently there are things that bothering me when the victim came to message me that they met you in Wechat and you got them heart broken by black mailing them.

Oh dear, I believed your world is getting great when you are impersonating me by using all my photos and identity right! Maybe you get fast money by doing so, but I advise you with whole-heartedly that you could find a better job and work hard for your bright future.

Due to the numbers of the victim is increasing and bothering me badly, I am forced to forged a police report to protect my personal safety. If you insist on faking me in Facebook/Wechat/Meowchat, I should warn you that you might increase the risk of your IP address exposure and easily tracked by the Police from SKMM (You may click on this link just in case you do not aware what department is this). This could possibly get yourself in trouble and accused by the law of Malaysia and I really don't want to see this happening.

Please look at the below attachment for the Police Report that I had just forged just for your record. :)

Thanks and I hope this email finds you well.



  1. Well said, Tiffany. I experienced once in my life too, though it was just a mild one. Anyway, just be yourself. No one shall able to fake you, even yes, that's just at superficial level. They'll still not going to be Tiffany. Take care!

    1. Thanks Jess!! So sweet of you!! I hope no more drama and if she tried to fake me again, she is putting herself in risk! =D