Wednesday, July 1, 2015

[Weil Hotel] 15 reasons NOT TO stay in WEIL HOTEL (IPOH)!!

Hi internet!!
Just back from Ipoh and I can't wait to share the hotel experience in Weil Hotel BADLYYY!!!
I felt that I should share my EXACT feelings that literally cause me some trouble.

This is the hotel, Weil Hotel
Reason (1) Not to stay at Weil Hotel
Weil Hotel just internally connected to Ipoh Parade, this cause me spend a lot unconsciously . =(((
Is just ONE step ahead to Ipoh Parade. Too convenient to spend. SOBB

Reason (2) 
Have a huge grand lobby!
This cause me taking photos non stop and people beside me keep looking at me.
I don't feel good this way, seriously. =(((

Reason (3) 
The washroom in my hotel room is too huge and comfortable!!!! 
How can this even happening on me?
This cause me playing zombie vs plant in the washroom for an hour and this cause me late for dinner!

Reason (4) 
There are too many options for bathing!!!!
I had problems on making decisions, they made too much options to me.
It caused me an hour to decide and made me late for my dinner AGAIN!

In the end I choose Bubble Bath!

Reason (5) 

Weil Hotel gave me a pack of mixed nuts, 4 bottled drink, Coffee, tea and soft drinks FOR FREE!
Do you know all these will increase obesity?
I try to control myself not to have all these before my proper meal.

Reason (6)
They did provide hair dryer and safety box!
That hair dryer cause noise that wakes my room mate that night!

Don't ever remind me of the safety box. =(((
I keep my things inside and nearly forget about it and check out.
That is really a bad idea for person that forget things easily! 

Reason (7)
This room comes with a Iron and Ironing board!
When my room mate ask me a favor to help to iron but I don't feel to do so as I am busying playing my zombie vs plant. (Saving the planet is my priority OKAYY!!)
This makes me not a kind person. wuwuwuw =(((

Reason (8) 
They had a HUGE MIRROR!!
This cause me taking 1000 photos and my memory card out of spaces! =(((

Reason (9)
That is too comfortable that caused me overslept and missed out the FREE BREAKFAST!
How can a bed be that comfy, this might be a TRAP!! 
(I think must be to avoiding people to have the free breakfast!) >///<

Reason (10)
Serve TWO Green apple in a room!
But I really prefer RED apple! >///< 

Reason (11)
A comfortable sofa to enjoy the whole IPOH view!
This makes me don't wanna leave the room and stay longer.
(This caused me spend more on Hotel Bills) =(((

Reason (12) 
The view from the roof top is awesome and windy!

Reason (13)
The poolside is really nice with the INFINITY POOL!
I swim a lot and caused me tanned!!!!

Reason (14) 
Centrally located. Within 10 min walk to all IPOH FAMOUS Chicken noodle, Chicken Rice, Coffee Shop and dessert shop.
This caused me gained extra KGs back to KL!!!

Reason (15)

There is no reasons on not coming back to Weil Hotel!

So yahh!!
I seriously enjoyed staying at Weil Hotel! =DDD

Click on the below video to see my review on Weil Hotel! *SHY* 

Hope you enjoy my blog & my video!!

If you do feel wanted to be pampered like me,
Here is the below details that you may check it out!!
Instagram: weilhotel

Good night! 


  1. Youre right! Weil hotel is awesome! Despite its weird name..the facilities are top notch..will stay there again if i visit ipoh again. (I guess the owners name is Liew)..

  2. Youre right! Weil hotel is awesome! Despite its weird name..the facilities are top notch..will stay there again if i visit ipoh again. (I guess the owners name is Liew)..

  3. Youre right! Weil hotel is awesome! Despite its weird name..the facilities are top notch..will stay there again if i visit ipoh again. (I guess the owners name is Liew)..

  4. I was please to get a decent price for this hotel on Groupon.The hotel is just 11 months old and is situated beside the ipoh parade shopping focus and is associated by a link.This is extraordinary accommodation for evaluating shopping.Likewise close-by inside of 10-15 mins walking is a food street and the popular Fo shan faint total restaurant.Service shrewd the hotel is doing extremely well thinking of it as is new.

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  7. Lol ghirl u r so cute. Haha I'm going there 4 da iftar inv8ation next week. Huhu thanks for tis hotel info thumb up!

    1. Sorry just noticed your comment!
      Thanks for reading too! :)

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