Monday, September 7, 2015

[TRAVEL] Vibe Hotel Sydney Review - Stay within attractions! *With Video Attached*

Hi Internet!
I wanna share with you about my accommodation in SYDNEY that I went last month!
There are lots of choices of hotel in Sdyney, so why VIBE HOTEL SYDNEY this time? 

Before choosing this option, I had made some research before hand.
Read through my blog below and you will get the answers okay? =D

This is the entrance of VIBE HOTEL!

Let's check in!

Vibe Hotel Sydney had a large lobby with quite numbers of sofas for their guest!


This is the reception desk where I am going to check in.
The receptionist is very helpful when we asking for places and how we should go what we should take. They will provide us with a map and show the nearest way to go to get a bus or ferry or etc!


This is our room card and FREE WIFI is 100mb/day.
(For some Instagram/Facebook updates, 100mb is fine for us as we did had a
WIYO pocket wifi with us =D )
If you need unlimited, it will be $9.95 for 24 hours.


Oh yar, transportation in Sydney is pricey, Exspecially Airport transfer.
For example if you take a cab from Vibe Hotel to Airport, is might cost you  at least $70.
When we both saw this at their counter, is a relief that we can save our cash for desserts again!

5. FOC MAPS in the lobby


6. DIGITAL SCALE for your luggage

Another MAGIC is they did provide a digital scale for you to measure you luggage.
As you know, OVERWEIGHT Luggage is PRICEY!
So before departure to the airport, is better to make sure you did not excess your luggage.
If you did, make an arrangement on your hand luggage!

7. Huge mirror EVERYWHERE!

Another thing I love Vibe is that we always look great because they are lots of mirrors in every corner of the hotel! *TEEHEE*


You need your room card to access the lift. So outsider is no way to come up!
*That is why we can check-in /post photos whenever we want to! =D*

I post this when I first get into our room!

Posted this when we are having our breakfast at Vibe Hotel Sydney!

Posted this when we are chilling at the roof top at the poolside! 

Okay, get out our lift and heading to our room!
Oh ya, there is no ADIDAS in this floor at Vibe Hotel, that is the reflection of my hoodie! =D


Here is our room! Huge enough to place our 3 luggage and still spacious enough to walk around!

This wardrobe is HUGE ENOUGH!
(View my video below and you will know!)

IRON & IRONING BOARDS is available!
Don't have to worry when you bring your silk or cotton tops, you can simply iron it and get your best look!

They have everything you need but charge accordingly.
(Reminder: Australian used to drink directly from the tap, so if you drink mineral water you will be charged accordingly too! The mineral water is quite expensive in Australia, just imagine even milk is cheaper than mineral water. )

All the necessities such as Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash,  Lotion, Shower Cap and soap.

Rain Shower + Bath Tub = YAY!!!
(Detailed view at my video below)

Huge mirror again! (Beside the Sofa)

Wardrobe huge Mirror at the entrance inside our room! 

Two Single Beds for us! Of course you may book the double room as well!

VS Hair Dryer for the girls like us!!

Be reminded that the power port in Australia looks like that.
(Reminder: Make sure you bring an adapter and a multi plug to charge your electrical devices.)

10. Breathtaking View from our room!

You can easily spot the Sydney Tower Eye and the view of the streets!

11. Lift with huge mirror AGAIN!
Check your appearance again and make sure you look good! =D




Baked Beans!


Hash Browns

Chicken Chipolates


Dry fruits and nuts!

Breads and Buns!

Toast bread of your choice!

Pancake maker with just 1 click!
(This is fun!! )

Cute right?!


The environment is great! Clear sky with the view of the streets!

Coffee Maker and milk!
(Both of us not a fan of coffee, but I bet will be taste great as well!)

My breakfast on my own

Pancake added with butter and honey!

Had our breakfast before heading to Sydney Tower eye!

13. Sky garden

Place where you can chill all day all night with your friends or loves one!

14. Roof top pool
The water is warm, so even it's Winter, not a big deal!

We enjoyed ourself in the pool!

15. Gym Room on the roof

You can see through the pool when you are having your gym session!
Good news for the singles right :P

16. In the centre of the city of Sdyney-CBD

 Queen Victoria Building

Convenient Store everywhere to get your Opal Card/top up (Like touch n go in Malaysia)

St. Mary Cathedral 

Sydney Zoo

Sydney Aquarium

Sydney Tower Eye

Darling Harbour

We went to a lot of famous attractions (as above) just by walking distance!

And went to other attractions by train and the nearest train station is Museum Station for around 5 min walk!

These are the facilities that Vibe offers to their guest!

We wrote this on the last night that we spend with Vibe and we both enjoy a lot!
Staying with Vibe Hotel Sydney completes our vacation and we get ourself a good recharge after a long haul day!

A good hotel is a must on a vacation as it will makes your trip good or bad.
Just imagine if you staying in a hotel that are not convenient and had a bad sleeep, you need to spend time walking with a tired body as you did not sleep well the other night!
How good will that trip be?

One more secret of Vibe Sydney is you can request for EARLY CHECK IN or LATE CHECK OUT!
Just let the receptionist know in advance and they will prepare accordingly! How sweet!

You may wondering the rate of this hotel, trust me, is within your budget!
You may compare the prices at their own website, Agoda, or even Groupon Australia.

Here comes the video of Vibe Hotel Sydney!

Vibe Hotel Sydney Website:

Vibe Hotel Sydney Facebook:

Vibe Hotel Sydney Instagram:

Hope you like my review and the video!


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