Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hair Secret Salon Transformation. *Video Attached*

Hi internet!
It's been awhile since my previous hair dye & hair cut and a hair treatment!
So I guess is time to get my hair done before my next trip on October! =DD

This time I am transforming my hair with the Director Left Chia at Hair Secret Salon!
Always so happy to get a Director cut!
PLUS, a hair dye color cocktail mixed by the Director! AND, 
a SCALP CLINIC WATER THERAPY SYSTEM for my hair and scalp! 

The whole process was in the video with our handsome & young Director Left Chia.
I hope this review could make you understand more before you decide whether it suits you or not! Hope you enjoy my silly face~ =DD

Hair before anything done! Just arrived at their new branch at Desa Pandan!

I still prefer my short hair, so here I am to have a new hair cut to get a fresh look! 

Discuss with my hairstyle and hair color with the Director and here we go!!
This time I go for a darker color series!

Get ready to get my hair chopped!!

Done Chopping!!
(Haven't had my lunch, so luckily someone bought me lunch while getting my hair done!)

Dying in process!
Opps, I mean hair Dye-ing! =DD

Nom nom Nom~! 

Then wait for 30 minuets to get the color set on my hair! 

Something disgusting!!


My EXTRALARGE hair roots~!
O-M-G >///<
Filled with excessive hairdye and oil.

So here I go for the Scalp Clinic Water Therapy System to get rid and keep my scalp healthy!!

These is one of the ampoule as shown as the video on the first step to apply on the hair roots.
Feeling super cooling when it was "rolled" on my scalp!
The left bottle is the remaining used scalp after it "rolled" on my scalp while the right bottle was the brand new bottle.
As you can see the left bottle looks "contaminated" with the excessive oil and dirt on my scalp while the right bottle appears to be Crystal Clear!

Next I am going to be an astronaut again! =D
Steam for 10 minutes!
*playing my plants vs zombie to kills time*

Next we proceed to wash and carry on with the Water Therapy System!

The crew that handling this treatment did a great job! *clap clap*
As you can see she use her palm to prevent my face get wet by the splashing water!
Water Therapy uses high pressure water shower equipment to "cleanse" all the dirt and oil on my scalp and comes with 3 levels!

Can you see the pressure? =DD
You may take a look at my video for a better view!


HAPPY GIRL when I get pampered like this!!

And this is the massage therapy for the scalp to stimulates blood circulation.
VERY COMFORTABLE!! *rolling eyes*

Applying This Scalp Clinic Booster Dose after the treatment!
Stimulating for treatment of falling hair & flakes

And also applying the Scalp Clinic Tonic for sebum & flakes control!

Director had a last trim for my hair!


This is the BEFORE (Left) & AFTER (Right) of my scalp!
Clean and healthy hair scalp just with ONE TREATMENT!

This is my new hairstyle!
Super short yet korean look hair cut!
(Strangers always thought that I am a Korean if I don't speak! =DD)

So yah done for this review and I do hope I did help you to get a great salon with a great services!
Hairstyle do makes a huge difference of your appearance!

Here is their branches that you can get yourself a nice grooming!

Location :

Sentul (HQ) : 
No.28,Ground Floor, Sentul Raya Boulevard, Jalan 14/48A , Off Jalan Sentul, 51000, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 0340428172

Hair Secret Salon Bandar Baru Selayang :No.2,Jalan 2/8, Bandar Baru Selayang , Batu Caves, 68100 Selangor Darul Ehsan

Hair Secret Salon Desa PandanNo25,jalan 2/76c,desa pandan,55100 kuala lumpur

Business hour :
11am - 9pm Opens Everyday



Hope you enjoy my review!
See you soon!!


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