Thursday, October 8, 2015

Why UBER is my first choice in Malaysia? *Include Free Rides worth RM50 for you*

Hi Internet!
Today I will be sharing my first experience with UBER last month!
Frankly speaking, I am not too confident with UBER before I tried as 
I worried about issues such as safety and the car condition. 
(as most public transport not in a really good shape. >///< )

But after the first ride, I changed my views on UBER.
I will explain why below my blog post.

What is UBER?
According to, "Get a taxi, private car or rideshare from your mobile phone. Uber connects you with a driver in minutes. Use our app in cities around the world. "
You could say that UBER is your private driver just by a click of touch on your phone!

This is how my UBER Journey starts!

I never tried UBER (although I had downloaded the APP) when I am in KL as 
I own a car myself or my Mr. Mars will fetch me whenever I am with him. 
So I never had a single thought of using UBER service although I knew it launched in 
Malaysia since many months ago! 

I travelled to Penang every month by AIR to spent time with my family in Penang. 
But I don't have a car in Penang and my brother had to fetch me every single time. 
And sometimes he had his own schedule as well so I am grounded =(( 

Last month, I need to go to a skin specialist clinic as I have some rashes on 
my skin due to allergic. But I had NO TRANSPORT as my brother was 
busying on his friend wedding and my parents was also out for some events.
So out of a sudden, I thought of UBER! =DDD

AND Miracle happen!
I saw an UBERX around my area!!!
And I click on the request!

After a minute, the driver called me for a confirmation! (Very efficient!)

Then the screen show me the photo of the driver, Mobile number of the driver, Car plate number & model and how long it takes to reach.

*You may print screen and sent it to your family and friends if you worry about the safety! 

 Then the screen tells you that the driver is on his way and will be there for approximately 5 min drive!

This screen shows when I am already in the car and on trip!
The maps shows you the route the driver takes and you even can share your ETA to your friends. 

It will tell you how long it takes to reach your destination as well!

REACHED my destination safe and sound! =D
Zekie (Uber driver) is very friendly and helpful as well and the condition of the car is great!

The receipt will send to your email and the detailed mileage and pricing with no HIDDEN COST to make sure that they charged you the exact correct amount!

Another things is the driver WILL NOT TAKE ANY CASH from you!
All costs will be direct deducted from your credit card.

I am using promo code, so this ride is FREE!!!! =DD

Want to get FREE RIDES like me?
1. Download the Uber app here for iPhone and here for Android.
2. Register your account.
3. Key in my promo code: UBERPURPLET and you will get 


(Valid for new users and rides include Penang, JB and KL)

 I do enjoy my rides in Penang and I will be using this service in Penang whenever my bro is busy!!
Never worry about the transportation anymore!

I hope you enjoy my review and my own experience on UBER!


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