Monday, October 5, 2015

[Cosas United] Self-Weighing Luggage that tells it weight! *Video Attached*

Hi internet!
I can't wait to share with you guys about this SELF- WEIGHING SUITCASE by Cosas United!!!
I travel a lot these few years and one thing that makes me worry was the WEIGHT!
As every aircraft takes the WEIGHT matters SERIOUSLY!
Once you had exceed the weight given, each KGs is charged accordingly (And trust me is gonna be so costly!)

With this, my problem SOLVED!
I used to shop ALOT when I am on vacation (even on business trip) =DDD
So with this I will be checkin on my luggage weight from time to time with EFFORTLESS!

I had made a video review for a better sight of this luggage! Hope you enjoy my video!

Here is my review for this Cosas United Self-Weighing Luggage!

This is the "All-Mighty" luggage that I mention!

This series comes with 3 sizes, 20" (RM499), 24"(RM669) and 28"(RM749)
(Cosas United is having 20% off from this Thursday 8th October)

But for the built in weighing system is only available for 24" and 28".
Just for your information, 20" is the only size that you can bring with you on the cabin.
While 24" and 28" you are required to checked in. (If you fly with Airasia, make sure you purchase an add on for the luggage.)

And comes with 3 Vivid colors!

I had chosen the 28" Destiny Zircon Red because this color is striking enough to spot on 
when it is on the "sushi belt" =DD

So below is the features of this luggage:

O-M-G! This Luggage comes with an internal weighing scale. 
Wish to pack more into your luggage but worry about getting overweight? 
Your concern is hereby invalid.
(Means I can buy beyond the KGs that I bought, YAY!!)

How it works?
1. Click on the power button.
2. Lift the luggage by its side handle.
3. Gently lay it on the ground with the quarter studs facing the floor.
4. Click on unit button to view weight on KG/ Lbs.

2. Built-in TSA Lock
Integrated TSA approved lock safely secures your belongings. 
Set your combination code, tuck in your zipper heads, relax and enjoy the rest of your journey!

3. EIGHT Swivel Spinner Wheels
Silent Gliding wheels comes with rubber tyres equivalent to Bridgestone.
It keeps rolling no matter what is ahead, on road, off road, even a nail on the ground won't be stopping it from moving forward!

4. Double Zipper
This revolutionary zip marks the evolution of the conventional zippers!
Zipper itself is strong as it is already, but adding another layer of zip 
turns your luggage into a mobile safety-deposit!

5. Luggage SHELL
100% made of FIVE layers of 100% polycarbonate, sourced from Germany itself. 
It boosts the ability to withstand extreme impact and harsh conditions. 
Looking for a luggage strong enough to take all kinds of abuse?
This is what are you looking for. LOL

6. Multi-Level Towing System
User Friendly towing system designed to suit travelers of all heights and fits nicely on the palm of your hands.

Internal look
Classy yet spacious that maximise every single space for your belongings!

This is the magic base that makes the weighing magic!
When you place your luggage on the floor, your luggage will tell the weight immediately!

Traveling soon?
Get one and this could lasts you for many years!

What are you waiting for?
They are having 20% off from this Thursday onwards on all outlets!


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