Friday, November 13, 2015

Have an one hour date with Yululuka Hair treatment at LAD salon! *with video attached*

Hi internet!
I am one of those kind that could cut my hair, dye my hair or even had a hair treatment date spontaneously whenever I feel to!

Of course, this time was an invited hair treatment review
that they've been contacted me few months ago but I couldn't find a time
for them as usually having packed schedules when I am in Penang.

I am still glad and happy to get my hair done before going to 
China & Hong Kong right after the coming weekdays.

One thing I could say is spending my afternoon with Lad Salon was
great as Corine and other stylist was so friendly and the scalp massage is 
SOO GOOOOOODD!! *Satiesfied* ♥♥♥

Let's see what Corrine could help me out to makes my hair & scalp feel good!

Before everything get started, Corine will verify the hair and scalp condition and which 
Yululuka Hair Treatment is suitable for me.
Explain how long it takes and the treatment process to me.
Then she suggest the Total Head Therapispa for me!

My hair before treatment. Kinda dry and I believe my hair can do better than this!

A deep cleansing massage paste for the hair and scalp formulated with the Sumi the Japanese Bamboo charcoal which has absorbent and deodorizing effect!

After that proceed to steaming!

Steaming in progress!
After steaming will be proceed to the shampooing and Treatment that is done in the hair washing basin.

Step 2: SHAMPOO (Apx 10 min)

Step 3: TREATMENT (Apx 5 min)

Both of this step is done in the hair washing basin.

With Alvitamoist Liquid, plant-derived ingredients and moisturizers hydrate the scalp and work with vitamins to improve scalp condition.

With my special guest, MR TEDDY!


Comb blow my hair.

This is the before and after!

Look so much different!!
Say Hello to my Bouncy & Healthy hair!

Here is my video on Yululuka Total Head Spa Therapispa in LAD Salon!
Hope you get a better pictures with "moving pictures" =D

Impressed with the hair job that Lad Salon Corine done with my hair?
If you are someone that have't find a suitable salon for yourself,
pay LAD salon a visit and try their service and you be amazed.
(Most importantly, they had a very affordable price tag in such cozy environment!!)

Cut & Blow from RM28 onwards, Colour from RM65 onwards, Treatment from RM85 onwards and many other more hair services with totally affordable price!

Lad Salon is located at:
Address: No. 221C, Jalan Burma, 10050, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, 10050, Malaysia
Phone:+60 4-229 9099

Follow their Social Media for latest promotions and updates too!
INSTAGRAM: ladsalon

I hope you find your suitable Salon with professional stylist like me in Penang too!
Hope you enjoy my review and see you soon!


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