Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Hong Kong Ocean Park Halloween Trip with Visondata Pocket Wifi makes perfect!

Hi internet,
I am back from my 2 weeks China +HK trip and I can't wait to share with you my pocket wifi experience with Visondata!!!

I had been to China for several times but there are ONE THING that bothering me that is
I can't surf any google related websites such as youtube, blogger.com, gmail and same comes to Facebook and Instagram!

Those websites are part of my life now, 
my work and my social network plays an important part to me! 
So previously I tried log on those website by using VPN (Virtue Private Network) but it is not that stable and laggy sometimes. I had no choice =(((

But now, with Visondata pocket wifi, 
I had no worries on any of these problem at all and maximise my trip and work perfectly. 

I could reply my gmail on time to time and get in touch with my working partners and colleugue perfectly without any delay! While I can share my memorable trip photos on my social media such as Facebook and Instagram on the spot too with my family and friends!

The best thing is, the same Visondata Pocket wifi is working well in HONG KONG as well 
besides than China and I was so amazed and the speed is really amazingly speedy fast!

Because we spend our weekends in Hong Kong for the Halloween Party in HK Ocean Park!

The little small device literally maximised my vacation or business trip China + Hong Kong with such a low daily rental for only RM28/day that comes with 400MB/day that can be connected to 5-6 devices.

It includes a Visondata Pocket Wifi, Charging Cable and Instruction Card.

Another thing is you can collect your device conveniently in many areas in KL such as 
The Gardens, KLIA, KLCC and Solaris Mont Kiara.
Click here for the location details.

I will be using it for my future trips as they offering almost all major cities in the world with
this affordable price!
(Cheaper than using your own roaming data!)

I had create a short video for my trips in Guangzhou and Hong Kong traveling with VISONDATA device! 


For more information, you may click on the below link:

Hope you enjoy my blog and video!


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