Sunday, February 28, 2016

[Fitness First] My Fitness Diary Episode 2

Hi internet!
Last week I finally made time to check out BioScore by Fitness First and it was EPIC!

I always felt that I am quite healthy as I don't club, smoke or drink.
However I ended up with BioScore results that made me realise how unfit I am! >///<

Let me bring you guys through some of the highlights through the BioScore test that I had to go through!
(Not as simple as I thought! LOLOLOL)


The video below is my BioScore Fitness Diary Vlog that featuring a super untalented young woman doing her BioScore and Fails alot! LOLOLOL =DD

BioScore comes with a 3 mains segments that tests the actual age of your body.1. Health Assessment
2. Fitness Assessment
3. Lifestyle Assessment

My Personal Trainer, Zec helped me set up my profile in the system and get ready for the BioScore Assessment! =DD

Zec taking my blood pressure, this is also part of the assessment.

Why is it important?
High blood pressure puts extra strain on your heart and arteries which could lead to a heart attack or even a stroke! If your blood pressure is 140/90mmHg or higher, this indicates you have high blood pressure. A reading below 130/80mmHg is considered to be normal.

Exercise actually helps to improve blood pressure, search for some  exercise suggestions on CustomFit by Fitness First. The app is absolutely FREE:
(FREE DOWNLOAD for iTunes & Playstore)

-Browse exercises/Search/Threadmill
-Try 15-20 min at walking/jogging at a steady pace
-Browse exercise/search/Cross-Trainere

Next highlight was the Fitness Assessment- ViPR Loaded Movement.
This is so tough for me~~ ='(((

This assessment is used to test your mobility and flexibility in 3 directions whilst using a weighted piece of equipment at the same time. 

Flexibility is the range of movement across a joint. 

Many activities in daily life require good flexibility as it prevents injury by reducing the chance of straining or pulling a muscle.

Next highlight was the Fitness Assessment- Core endurance

This is used to measure your core endurance over a set period of time all with varying levels of difficulty. The core includes muscles like abdominals and obliques. These muscle work as stabilisers for the entire body. Core training is simply doing specific exercises to develop and strengthen these stabiliser muscles. If you watch my video, I only can maintain 20 seconds and I am gonna make it to the minimal 60 sec challenge!!!

Next highlight was the Fitness Assessment- Hexagonal Agility

This assessment is used to test your speed and agility in 3 dimensions. Agility or nimbleness is the ability to change the body's position efficiently, and requires movement skills using a combination of balance, coordination, speed, reflexes, strength, and endurance. 

If you watch my video, I am super out of control! LOLOLOL

Next highlight was the Fitness Assessment- Standing Jump

A standing long jump is used as a functional test to assess power in your legs. Power training uses fast twitch muscle fibres which have better potential fir growth and strength. This training requires the body to coordinate and produce the greatest amount of force, in the shortest amount of time.

In my video, I could only reach 2+. >///<
I have to work harder to get a better score after 3 months!

Next highlight was the Fitness Assessment- 500m row

This assessment shows us how well your lugs and heart work together in completing a task in the fastest time possible. It will give an indication of your current level of aerobic fitness. The term aerobic means with oxygen, and anaerobic means without oxygen where you get out of breath i just a few moments, like when you lift heavy weights.

Next highlight was the Lifestyle Assessment
In addition to your health and fitness, BioScore also looks at your lifestyle choices in and out of the gym: Stress, smoking, alcohol, sleep, and nutrition, providing a more holistic view.

I need to fill up all the question HONESTLY to get the final result accurately!

My BioScore was +8. 
This actually means that my bio age is 8 years older than my actual age – this is very bad!!!

I am actually glad to have completed the BioScore assessment. Now I have a better picture of my health and start doing the necessary exercises to get a better BioScore in 3 months time! I am personally targeting to reduce the +8 by half.
It will be a tough journey but it is necessary in order to achieve a better fitness level.

Also would just like to share that there is a special promo now from Fitness First Malaysia (RM99 buy 1 get 1 free).
Don’t miss out on this opportunity.
Your first step to change can happen right now! 

See you again next week after my Japan Trip!
*hugs & kisses*


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