Monday, March 7, 2016

[Fitness First] My Fitness Diary Episode 3

Hi Internet!
Before going to Japan, I tried out the CustomFit App which i recently downloaded, March is turning out to be a busy month for me.>///<

I am currently in Guangzhou for Business trip for a week and lucky me, I have generated my workout schedule that will allow me to do it in my hotel room anytime I want.

As mentioned earlier in my previous FITNESS DIARY
there is a CUSTOMFIT app by Fitness First that are abosolutely FREE! =D
(FREE DOWNLOAD from App Store (iOS) & Google Play Store)

I am not a pro at fitness, actually I am a totally NEWBIE. I know
absolutely NOTHING about fitness!
As my age catches up, I noticed that if I don't start working on my fitness now, I can never keep my current body shape
and health! Just like what happened in
my Fitness Diary Episode 2, I never realize that my body is weak and actual body age is a +8 vs. my actual age.

I am glad that I am using CustomFit by Fitness First now. This is the time to commit to myself by developing a fitness program in year 2016.

Okay, let's get back to the topic!
Today I'm gonna share about my experience using the CUSTOMFIT App!

1. Step 1 - Choose your Level!

2. Step 2 - Choose Workout Type
(I am currently doing FOCUSED, but it is entirely up to the user and their preferences.)

3. Step 3 - Choose Equipment
(I don't have any, just yoga mat when I am home, so I selected the NO EQUIPMENT option).

4. Step 4 - Tell the app how much time you have got for this workout session, and it will plan out the workout for you.

5. Step 5 - Wait for a few seconds and CustomFit will generate your workouts!

6. Step 6 - Ta-da! Now choose your workout!

7. Step 7 - Okay, let's start with the "Core".

8. Step 8 - Choose your core workout according to your skill.
For newbie like me, I would suggest trying the exercises with skill levels of 1-3, when you are done with the level 1-3, 
then try the harder ones, step by step kay.=)

9. Step 9 - Then just watch the video and follow the PRO!

10. For some workouts you may access options such as "Find Alternative exercise" as shown below.
11. The REPS are your instructions for this exercise.
Use the more menu (3 dots on the top right) if you want to edit.

12. Start and stop timer.

13. Lastly, Skip exercise or rest period.

 Here comes the workout counting 5,4,3,2,1

Once you are done with this workout, just move on to the next one!

The below are some of the workouts I have been doing:
(Please don't laugh yar, newbie so please be good to me =DD! )

1. Modified Tricep Push Up

2. Lying Quad Stretch

3. Modified Tricep Push Up 

4. Crunch Arms Crossed

5. Modified Tricep Push Up

6. Plank with Alternate Arm Lift

7. Pulse Lunge

8. Bicycle Crunch

9. Reverse Crunch

10. Crunch

As mentioned earlier, this app has now allowed me to do my workouts anywhere and anytime. I truly like the option of choosing my workout with or without equipment.

Now I don't have to worry about looking for a gym, I can just work out from my hotel room.

Do stay tuned next week as I will be sharing more features of the CustomFit app like the total calories burned for the different exercises I complete!

P.S.: don't forget to download the app today. 

See you again next week and will keep you updated on my Fitness Diary!
*hugs & Kisses*


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