Saturday, May 7, 2016

3CE now available in SEPHORA! - REVIEW

Hi internet!
Today is all about KOREAN cosmetic day. =D

I've been obsessed with "Korean Make up" since I travel to Korea 
for the first time three years ago.
(Korean girls makeup is so natural and baby-looked blush skin!!!!!!!)

Since then (year 2013), I discovered a brand name "3CE" when I travelled to Korea 
and when I tried on the products in one of the Lotte Shopping Malls, 
I bought some of them home!
I fall in love with the liquid blusher tube kind of thing 
that also told that can be used as a lip tint!

Miracle happens when last month I was totally so excited when PR of Sephora 
send me the 3CE cosmetic set to my office and inform me that 
3CE is now available in SEPHORA MALAYSIA!!!

It's so important so I have to repeat 3 times!!!

So here I am to review 3CE products and a simple tutorial 
to make you look like a KOREAN! =DDD

So let's start with the BASE!

What is the difference?
Let's see!

I usually dapped the BB cream in my face with my fingers.
You can used a brush or a sponge as you like.

It has a good coverage and able to cover some flaws and pores!
Skin looked baby-liked! It also includes hydrating ingredients combined
with polymer give skin an extra lasting moisturized finish!
Besides, it do provides a SPF35PA++ sunscreen too!

I even use this to cover my dark eye circle! =DD

Now let's take a look at the 

The same way I used for the Glossing Waterful Foundation by dapping the foundation
onto my skin with my finger for the finishing!

However, from my photo comparison above, the coverage of 
Glossing Waterful Foundation is slightly different with the Back to Baby BB Cream.

Glossing Waterful Foundation is an ultra lightweight mix liquid that give the face healthy and dewy glow. It soaks quickly into the skin without requiring much blending. 

The best thing is the liquid will not cake on the face and gives a natural finish!

So overall that I can conclude is:
Back to Baby BB cream provides a perfect coverage clean finished look type of skin.
Glossing Waterful Foundation is a lightweight mix liquid that makes you look healthy and dewy glow!

So, why choose, pick both instead! =D

Super Sharp and Fine tip that is ideal for neat and accurate liner application and
long lasting formula that stays put for several hours.

Super FINE lines!

A brown eyeliner brings softer and natural look. Just draw a fine line on top
your eyelid to create a super natural eyeline to create the "innocent" look!
Suitable for lightweight makeup like college students!
I even skip Mascara for this makeup!
(Sometimes, we really no time for mascara when we are about getting late for classes, right?!)


I used to draw 3 lines across my cheeks and blend it with my fingers to create a natural blush look!

The blending of the blush look perfect and the orange blush makes me look even more "Korean"


This is another blusher I get from Sephora PR team! =D
For the Duo Color Face Blusher, you can either use them seperately or blend them together.
I prefer blending them together because the finishing will look more pinkish!

I prefer to use a bigger brush for blusher.
(You also can get any kinds of face brush in SEPHORA)

The finishing looks perfect with the blend of 2 colors! 
It creates powdery matte finish for powder face blush.

So overall that I can conclude is:Creamy Cheek Stick provides glowing Dewy finished look.
Duo color Face Blush provides Matte finished look.

Both look "Korean" so just pick both for different occasion. =D

Here is the FINAL LOOK by using 3CE products!

I skip Mascara for this look, but still look "Korean" with an "Innocent" look face! =DDD

Crystal Clear look type of skin!
*Blink Blink*

A simple + fast makeup that spend less than 3 min!
Because I know girls like us rather spend time for a little sleep, right? =DDD 

So make your move to the nearest Sephora to try out 3CE products or you also can buy them online

Free Delivery with min. purchase of RM80 + 1 Free Sample upon checkout

Besides, do follow their Social Media for the latest updates and brands below:


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