Sunday, May 8, 2016

ESSE Organic Skin Care is now in Malaysia! -Event

Hi internet!
Today I gonna share about the Esse Plus Launching Event that I attended last week
with my bestie Blogger Sharon Yong! =DD

Let me slightly give you some information about ESSE Organic Skincare before we get started!
ESSE Organic Skincare is a South Africa’s leading organic skincare brand launches a 
super-premium probiotic range.Esse Organic Skincare has produced certified organic 
products for the salon and spa industry for the last 10 years and the range is now exported to more 
than 20 countries around the world. (And now you can get it it Malaysia! YEAY!)

In the event, we discover that Esse has evolved rapidly over the last few years to keep pace with 
scientific advances in the way that skin is understood. (A very high-tech kinda skincare series!)

In the new Esse Plus line, prebiotics are used to selectively feed beneficial microbes
at the expense of potentially pathogenic ones. This gives you a diverse and stable 
skin microbiome that results in improved barrier function and moisture retention.

Esse has explored new ways to optimise the health of the skin microbiome to reduce the rate at which your skin ages. Live probiotics and probiotic extracts actively shape the microbial
 populations in and on the skin. This optimises skin health and slows the ageing process, 
resulting in firmer, fuller skin and a strong anti-wrinkle effect.

The discoveries of the Human Microbiome Project have revolutionised Esse’s views on skincare. 
The Project found that there are 10 microbes for every human cell in the human body, 
and as a result  we have reconceptualised the skin as an ecosystem that is at its 
healthiest when resident microbial populations are robust and diverse.

The discoveries of the Human Microbiome Project have revolutionised Esse’s views on skincare. The Project found that there are 10 microbes for every human cell in the human body, and as a result  they have reconceptualised the skin as an ecosystem that is at its healthiest when resident microbial populations are robust and diverse.

After the event, we had some dinner together with other bloggers too! =D

Can you able to spot me and Sharon in the photo?!
Comment below if you spot us!

Snapchat-ing during the event with Sharon! :P

After the event, Esse PR Team gave us a doorgift that consists of Esse Plus Toner and Eye Cream.
I am using the Esse Plus Toner and Eye Cream in the moment, the Toner is very moisturising and my skin absorb it very quickly like a sponge. However the Eye cream did slightly reduce my dark eye circle just within less than 2 weeks. (The effect came really quickly to my surprise!)

How to get them?
You may click on their website for the STOCKIST list:

Do follow their Facebook for the latest updates too!

Hope you enjoy my blogpost!
*hugs & Kisses*


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