Monday, June 6, 2016

Fitness First: My Fitness Diary 08 on my TEN Weeks Journey

Hi internet!
It's time for my Fitness Diary sharing session again~
Is been more than 10 weeks working out with CUSTOMFIT app and I find it
really useful for me. This is because it allows me to work-out from anywhere I am – at home or at a gym like Fitness First! If I’m travelling, I can also choose to work out in my hotel room, or my hotel gym.

Here is the video of my compilation of my favorite workouts that can be found in the CustomFit App! I’m still working on perfecting my form (that means the way I perform the exercises… not perfect yet)
*shy shy*

It’s important to make sure you do the exercises with good form, or you might get injured.

I was a total newbie before I downloaded the CUSTOMFIT app,
but now I do know how to operate the gym equipment, got exposed to many more types of exercises, and understand better what workout
is most suitable for me!

Many of you might encounter problems like me, go to the gym,
but don't know what those machines do and how to operate them correctly.
(Then hor keep peeping other gym like very pro guy how they use then follow them quietly *laugh*)

Like people that are shy shy like me, I prefer to learn things by observation rather than asking
random person in the gym because I am worried to disturb them also.
(But the personal trainers at Fitness First are very friendly. They got try to help a few times)

For me, now everything SOLVED!
Since the day I downloaded the CUSTOMFIT APP, now every time I go GYM like
Erm, no I mean "MEMANG YES"!! *evil laugh*

Err, opps not this

I mean THIS!!! 
See, I told you! =DDD

Not sure if you read my previous blog about the transformation,
(Click here to view my TRANSFORMATION BLOG)

Within just 10 weeks, you can actually see the difference after working out daily with

With CUSTOMFIT, you can workout at home (without any equipment) or even
workout at the Fitness First Club (with/ without equipment)!
Works great in both worlds!

In the past previous post, I did highlight some of the workout I did it at home
Which focused on work-outs that did not require any equipment so today I would like to share 5 work-outs
that you can find in CUSTOMFIT app with equipment that I find quite challenging for me.


Swiss Ball Dumbbell Front Raise

Bosu Sit Up

Dumbbell Front Squat

Bosu Back Extension

Purpletiff 5 favorite workout

Plank to Hand

Bosu Forearm Plank

Swiss Ball Plank

Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl

Swiss Ball Dumbbell Tricep Extension

I want to stress that if I can do it, you can do it too!
(I know I have been mentioning this again and again, but I just hope that you keep it up!)
Just pick up your phone/tablet/whatever, and download CustomFit now!

(FREE DOWNLOAD from App Store (iOS) & Google Play Store)

That's all for today and I am working hard to achieve a 
better score for my next upcoming BioScore!
*hugs & kisses*


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