Friday, June 3, 2016

Everyone can owns a CHOKi bag that brings fashion with a affordable pricetags!

Hi internet!
I am a girl that really fancy with bags, no matter designer bags or 
some fast fashion bags,if they look good on me, 
I am always ready to adopt them!

Many people been asking me what are the brands that I usually
use in my daily life, so today I gonna share a brand that a
really really like and been using it for a coming to a year.
This brand is

To be surprise, you really can get their bags in a really crazily low prices.
They are having korean kind of concept so CHOKi bags is really "KOREAN"
with a range between RM20-RM70!
YES, I did not mistype,
(The best thing is they really look like expensive quality bags!)

I have been using since last year!

Code: 5121

Black has been sold out, but Green and Pink is definitely a good choice!

Still remember my Sydney trip last year?
This bag is also from CHOKi!

This was the hit last year!
CHOKi have this too!
But just checked their website and it appears to be sold out!

This is the basics from CHOKi
Code: 5085

This bag is the NEW ARRIVAL!!!!
I am so obsessed with this bag!!!!
Code: 6087

(will only be released by 15th June)

This was also another Favorite from the new arrival!!!
Code: 6093

(will only be released by 15th June)

Besides, I have an exclusive promocode for you!

Just type PURPLETIFF while checking out at
and you will get RM15 instant rebate
with just a min spending of RM75!

Thanks for reading and really hope you can be an FASHION ICON
among your friends with CHOKi fashion bags!!

For more daily updates, please feel free to follow them at
their social media!
Instagram: @chokimalaysia
Wechat Username: chokimy

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