Saturday, September 10, 2016

PHUKET Trip experience with the craziest besties gang!

Hi internet!
Today I will be sharing my previous PHUKET trip with my bestiessss!
Nothing really much on Itinerary for Phuket as it meant to be relaxing.

We are besties since secondary (I am not gonna tell you how long was that)
Yes, I mean a really long time, 15 years of friendship! =DDD

Still remember back then we are in the same secondary school Tour Club and 
we are those macam yes AJK (Ahli Jawatan Kuasa) LOLOLOLOL

We used to plan our trip within Malaysia with our adviser (teacher)

and that was our first trip! (I remember that is a Melacca+KL+Genting Trip)

After so many years, we finally save a date and plan a proper overseas short trip 

before we are getting too old! Our destination after discussion was PHUKET!

Everyone of us plays a different role in this trip!
For me, accommodation, renting VISONDATA pocket wifi and the Swan float thing!

Bay bay planned the Itinerary (The top right girl and she is still single)
But we hardly follow! LOL, we changed some plan spontaneously!
and others are here to be makan kaki!

Here is the crazy video, make sure there is no one beside you while watching this,
you might end up laughing too loud.

This trip we had booked a really nice villa,
but the location is a bit remote but at first I thought everything still alright.
However, things get a really unpleasant when the keeper of the villa ask

extra 3000 bath from us as they see there was six of us checking in.
(I did tell the owner that there will be 6 adults before departing but
he did not say anything before we depart and get 3000 baht from us
only when we arrived makes us unpleasant.

But is alright, we did pay the 3000 baht to ease the problem as I concern that 
we are all ladies and was in other's people property. So make sure when you 
booked an Airbnb booking, make sure you tell the owner how many people
and make sure he did reply before confirming the listing.

One night it cost us around RM250 (before the extra 3000baht)
Includes- 2 Rooms + 2 Bathroom + 1 Living room and mini Kitchen
Pocket Wifi

About the pocket wifi, we rent it from VISONDATA and 
is really cheap when you are in groups!
Everyone of us just pay less than RM5 per day!
More information click here!

Swan Float/Pizza Float

For the Swan Float renting, I rent it from @letsplash
Cost us around RM20+ a day. They had different packages and floats.
You may contact them directly for more info!

Besides this drama, everything was very happy and we had a 
great time spending time together to visit places, have a midnight pillow talk whole night, have new experience together, cooking instant noodles together, went to massage parlor and get naked together and they cook me breakfast!

Everynight we had this to start our chit chat session!

Breakfast was prepared by Baybay!

Splashing the pool together!

Our mignight activity was playing some souvenir I got them from Japan!

Everyone was so proud of their work!
(it's actually a play snack and you eventually can consume it)


Night market!
(but the temperature was really high and humid! So we take away and 
brought it back to our villa!)


FRESH coconut!

The Mango Sticky Rice Icecream was prefect, but mangoesteen just normal~



Airasia Return Airfare: APPX RM250
Phuket Local Taxi Fare: Much more expensive than Bangkok.
We spend a lot on transportation.

Island Hopping

900 Baht Per person!

Overall we spend less than RM1000 per person for 4 days 3 nights include
Air Ticket, Accommodation, Island Hopping, Meals and Transportation 
with a little bit of shopping!

Phuket is a nice place for Relaxation and girls gathering like us!
Plan ahead so all of you can squeeze a time that suits everyone and here we go!
This trip one of our besties couldn't join us due to she is pregnant
so we believe there are more trips to go in the future!

Don't wait and plan a trip with your besties now if you still haven't 
travel together with them! Trust me, this is absolutely a lifetime experience
and you will never regret it and remember

So you better makes your life the fullest!

Thanks for reading, this post is a bit long winded,
but there is actually too much to talk about!

Miss all of them, meet you girls in Penang real soon!

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