Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Bonia Unboxing! Is Bonia worth buying?!

Hi internet!
Today I am doing Bonia unboxing post in my YouTube Channel!
Oh yes!! I have a YouTube Channel now! =D
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This is the bags after unboxing, and you can also request a FREE greeting card in the website:

All bags that bought online, include up to 
5 layers of protection depends on what kind of bag your purchased:
(1) Bonia plastic cover
(2) Bubble Wrap
(3) Customised Quality Dust Bag
(4) Card board
(5) Paper roll to stuff the bags

The dust bag is made from good material of cloth and looks really classy!
The normal dust bag that you can get outside usually made from non woven material which can be  tear off easily =((

Besides it comes with a consignment note.
You may ask why there are a consignment note in the package?
Because Bonia Online offers 14 days FREE RETURN (Aww, that's sweet),
so just use the consignment note and post it back to Bonia will do if you want to return it.

Quality wise?
You need to watch the video and you judge yourself! =D
The video below shows the whole process of unboxing and showing my Bonia Bags collection.
Do drop me comments below and tell me your opinion too!

Hope you enjoy my video!
*hugs & Kisses*


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