Sunday, October 16, 2016

Complete checklist on What to PACK for VACATION!

Hi internet!
There is quite a number of people wanted me to blog about 
things that I usually bring during my vacation! 
So yah, today I a gonna reveal all the items! =D

I had done a video on
so you guys will have a clearer picture about it!
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This blog I've prepared more visuals than words! =D

1. I've tried many pairs of shoes, but I can say the comfiest shoes goes to Nike Roshe Run!
I think I'd mention it in my previous blog, wearing Roshe Run is like walking on the clouds.

3. A mini Foldable Umbrella is a MUST! It comes really handy either Sunny day or Rainy day.

4. EYE MASK is also a must especially having a midnight flight! Sometimes the cabin crew will switch on the light for some in flight sales, so is better you get one to have a good rest sleep.

5. Soluble Vitamin C is also a MUST for me before and during my vacation. I drink 1 capsule/day to maintain a healthy immune system so I would not easily fall sick. I tried few brands before, Cebion is relatively more affordable and not that sweet for me. I get it from Watsons!

6. YES, PHONE! Do remember to bring along your charging cable too!

7. Extension Cord is REALLLLY IMPORTANT for me! I had a few devices to charge and usually
my friends that travelled with me don't bring universal adapter so I become a saviour immediately.

8. Having a habit bring an universal adapter whenever you are travelling is a good practice!
When some hotel does not provide you, and your phone is run out of battery, then god bless you! =D

9. I usually bring my 2 in 1 straightener/curler whenever I travelled to keep my hair in a perfect shape! =DD

10. Power Bank is a MUST nowadays as everything is power consuming like your camera,
Phones, pocket wifi and when you are using GOOGLE MAP/ GOOGLE TRANSLATE!

11. Milo is a comfort drink for me in a country that I never visited before. Sometimes you never know do you able to adapt meals in a new environment, so better keep yourself a backup just in case.
You can bring your own comfort drink like Coffee or other chocolate as you wish. =D

12. Facial Mask is a MUST for me too! Travelling is exhausting and drain your skin!
So better bring a "booster" to keep your skin glowing while travelling is a good practice too.
My preference is Dr. Morita mask that you can get it from Guardian.

13. Plastic Zipper Bags! Please refer to my video above for more detail explanation!
Some countries is really strict on keep all your cosmetics/ skincare bottles in a plastic zipper bag.
(such as LONDON) Or else your bottle is not allowed to bring it on board.

15. Remember to bring some medication such as panadol/ointment as other countries might not have particular medicine that you want. Be well prepared is always better than panic in other countries.

16. Pen is also a must while you are travelling to other countries. Usually Cabin Crew will pass you an embarkation form in the flight to fill up, so it's always better to prepare yourself a pen than borrowing from someone that are next to you!

17. Just to keep my breath fresh! =D

18. For those that are wearing contact lenses, please do remember to bring one multi purpose solution with you rather than buy it at another country. (Cabin Bag is only allow capacity up to 100ml) I had once forget to bring it to China, and I couldn't get it at any pharmacy (either Watson/Guardian ETC) as they only sell it at Optical shop!

19. My makeup pouch? Just watch the video above! =D

20. Get all your PRINTED Travel Documents with you at all time!
Don't rely on your phone as phone might get out of battery/ spoilt /stolen *touched wood*
so yeah better have all the documents printed for a less challenging trip!

So yah that's it for the checklists and make sure you book marked this page so you could easily checked on your items before your flight!

Hope you enjoy reading!
See you soon!
*hugs & Kisses*

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