Sunday, October 9, 2016

Unforgettable Anniversary Trip at Bayhill Pool & Villa Jeju Island! [REVIEW]

Hi Internet!
I am back in Malaysia safe & sound! Jeju & Busan had Chaba Typhoon exactly on the day we touch down Jeju Island. But luckily the place we stay is not affected by the typhoon, just slightly stronger wind in the evening while we are walking down the streets to hunt for dinner!

This trip is actually an anniversary trip with Mr.Mars *blush*
Time flies really fast, and we both had been together for 2 years and I still hope we have much more anniversaries in the future! We choose Jeju Island is because it is one of the new 7 wonders of nature in the world and October is a really comfortable weather around 18-23 Celcius.

For this trip, we are staying at BAYHILL POOL & VILLA in the Honeymoon Villa.
There are lots of good reviews at Tripadvisor and the photos from the internet was really nice,
so we decided to spent our anniversary here! =D

From the airport to the Villa takes about 30-40 min by taxi, or you may also rent a car at the airport so you may drive around in Jeju Island. Once we reached Bayhill Pool & Villa, we are amazed with the architecture of the villa and we made the right decision!

Here is the Vlog+Review that I made while I am staying in Bayhill Pool & Villa,
just take a look at the video and you will know we spent our anniversary in a PARADISE!
*eyes rolling*

Once we reached, we are offered a welcome drink (you can choose either Coffee or Tea).

Then I walk around to explore the Villa.
It has 13 blocks of villa in various type of room.

This is the Public Pool, but they are only open during summer.
But of course, if your villa that you booked comes with a private pool,
they are more than willing to help you to fill up your pool.

This is the lift at the Lobby to access to the hotel rooms in this block.

Then once we done our check in, we take a buggy ride to our Villa!
The villa we stayed is the Honeymoon Villa. Awww

Let's have a short tour in the villa! =D


That is a portable bluetooth speaker that I can bring it anywhere in the villa to listen to my favorite songs!

I am literally in love with this open kitchen concept! Clean and bright!
I can even imagine just like Korean drama couple is flirting in the kitchen happily! awwwww!!

Pots and Pans

Kitchen Utensil

Hidden fridge in the cabinet!
THE HOME CINEMA ROOM/DVD ROOMIt was really a surprise to know that there are a mini Cineme Room in our Villa!!!!!!!
So both of us spend 2 hours here cuddling together to watch a movie here!
*I love cuddling =DD*

THE PRIVATE POOLI love private pool because my noob swimming skill because I can swim all sorts of weird swimming posture. LOL

And I even bring my own DONUT FLOAT here!!!! (So I can get great photos muahahahhahaa)
They did provide 2 yellow floats too if you don't have one!

A breakfast by the poolside will be a great option too!

There is a rattan swing that are great for cuddling too! =DDDD

This is the view from our villa!

THE LUXURIOUS ROOM WITH JACUZZIThe luxurious level of this villa is everywhere, including the room that comes with the JACUZZI!!!

King size bed =DDD


ehem ehem~

The walk-in wardrobe

Bathroom comes with my favorite RAIN SHOWER!

Everyroom comes with the air-conditioner and a floor heater.
This is because during winter or some colder days in JEJU,
you can set the floor heater a little warmer to be more comfortable. :)


The hotel manager is so helpful, we asked about the route and they provide us with all the maps and guide us how to walk to the nearest OLLE route from the villa! They also offer us huge umbrella for the walk because the sun is really hot that day. The best thing is, the front desk is ENGISH LITERATE!!! We can communicate with them without any problem!

I really really glad I spent my stay in BAYHILL POOL & VILLA!
If you are planning to JEJU, you can consider them for a relaxing villa stay.
I will include all the contact details as below for your reference!

Instagram: @bayhillpoolvilla
Facebook: Bayhill Pool&Villa

Hope you enjoy my blog and thanks for reading!
*hugs & kisses*

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