Friday, November 18, 2016

What is about BONIA Spring Summer 2017 Collection Preview?!

Hi Internet!
I am so glad to get invited by Bonia Fashion to attend their Spring Summer 2017 Collection and I am really amazed with the design! At the event day, Bonia do invite Pepe Torres, the Creative Director of Bonia to explain every design to us in detailed and the inspiration behind them!

This is my first time attend Bonia Media Preview attended as one of the Friends of Bonia! AND I AM EXCITED with EVERYTHING!!!!
Before attending the event, I was actually planned to wear something casual (with Bonia sneakers), but the lovely PR told me "WEAR TO KILL"! SOO Yeah so I changed my attire to this navy blue dress with heels! (That makes me feel like a women today! HAHAHAHAHA) Not sure did I kill anyone by the way!
muahahahahaha *laugh*

I had a short vlog filmed that day as I wish to show you girls about how the event is going! =D

This series is Let’s get lost in the Lost Empire
This is a tribute to the culture of the ancient South American; in Spring/Summer 2017, BONIA replays the awe-inspiring images of the magnificent society of the Lost Empire, a long-anticipated highpoint of everyone’s trip.
Known for its sophistication five centuries ago and recognised for its heritage that was once virtually forgotten until 20th century; to Pepe Torres, the Creative Director of BONIA, every corner of this archaeological site reflects the contemporary creations of BONIA as well as its notable heritage and remarkable craftsmanship.
Exotically elegant designs blend with unparalleled heritage and craft with remarkable craftsmanship, BONIA brings the beauty of this legendary ruin into life through its contemporary collections that one will fall in love with, just like how the artistic wanderer falls in love with the forgotten land.

After Pepe Torres explained all the new collections to all of us, everyone is given a form to filled up and to choose the best 5 items that we like!
So I started to spot my TOP 5 Favourite bags! YEAH! Let's GO!! 1.





Isn't they are LOVELY! awwww~ All made from real quality leather from Italy!

Let's have a glimpse of other collection which is look really great too, I am in love with the mens stuff like the camouflage bags and sneakers! Bonia is having a bad decision to have such gorgeous shoes but without female sizes that makes me want them badly! bad bad bad! =DDD

After the event, we are "bribe" with Super tasty waffle from Madame Waflle and freshly brew coffee!


 This is my MOCHA & a Cold Brew! =DD

I am a happy girl with a Matcha Flavour Waffle! =DD

That's it for the preview and I hope you enjoy the preview tour with me too!
No matter how much you love the preview items, you will only able to get them on March 2017!

So in the meanwhile, you still can shop at and with my promocode " PURPLETIFF " you can get a 10% off too! If you miss my Bonia unboxing Blog, please click HERE.
See you soon!


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