Sunday, November 27, 2016

Affordable Korean Skin Care Review: Faith in Face now available in Malaysia!!

Hi Internet!
It's been awhile that I collab with Korea skin care brand, this time was Faith in Face!! (I am a fan of them!!)
I try them out before I decided to had a collab with them as I really hope that items that I promoted was really good so we can be pretty together!! I will not risk my readers face to products that I don't like! *you know how much I love you girls right? Wink Wink*

The first thing that I will shout about this brand is
Oh My GOGSH!!!

(Did you see those Gift Packs that I get ready for you girls?!!) =D
Mimi looks so sad becuase I told her that I gonna give it away to you girls, LOL!

The good news is, Faith in Face is generous enough to provide me 3 sets of gift pack (Worth RM150 EACH) that I would like to give it away to my readers and followers that supporting me all these while! So the rules & regulation on how to win is at the end of the blog, before covering that part, I would like to show you the whole process of the review so you could understand better! =DD

   LET'S START!!  

(Use my Promo code: FIFXPURPLETIFF to get extra 15% off, 
which means after discount will be only RM32!!!)

Okay, the pricetag just get my attention. Next is the mild yet effective formula that just remove my makeup just within seconds! Suitable for sensitive skin like me with no added paraben, mineral oil, alcohol, artificial fragrance and colorant! It written that you can use it as a Toner too!
But I still use my own tower after my cleansing process! =D

(View the vlog above for a detailed makeup remover process! =DD)

*Please note that the expiry date is March 2017*

Compare to the FIF Truly Waterly Cleansing Water, I use this for heavier makeup and it really leaves my skin super clean after that. And again, suitable for sensitive skin because no added paraben, alcohol, artificial and colorant. For normal daily makeup, I will be using the FIF Truly Waterly Cleansing water. =DD

(View the vlog above for a detailed makeup remover process! =DD)

Rub rub rub~~

ewww~~ did you notice all the dead skins in greyish color?

(Use my Promo code: FIFXPURPLETIFF to get extra 15% off, 
which means after discount will be only RM19.08!!!)

This is one of my favorite item from FIF!!! After using this my skin is SUPPPERRRR SOFTTT!!!!
It "erase" all the dead skin from you skin and leave skin clean, soft, fresh & bright!
I had tried a few similar products before but this is the cheapest yet most effective for me!

(View the vlog above for a detailed process on how I remove the deadskin from my face! =DD)

Faith in Face hydrogel mask is NO.1 hydrogel mask in Korea!

(Use my Promo code: FIFXPURPLETIFF to get extra 15% off, 
which means after discount will be only RM10.12!!!)

FIF Hydrogel Masks contain a high percentage of water-soluble ingredients that offers superior hydration with up to 40 minutes of continuous moisture!! After using it, my skin is glowing! AWWW!
(View the vlog above for a detailed whole mask-ing process! =DD)

(Use my Promo code: FIFXPURPLETIFF to get extra 15% off, 
which means after discount will be only RM6.72!!!)

Each mask is formulated to contain 3 functions and each function is designed to aid in skin troubles that often develop simultaneously. Rather than using multiple mask, now I can just use one to treat the other skin problems!

Faith in Face pearl cellulose sheet mask is MOST WANTED in Korea!

The Pearl Cellulose Sheet is super translucent and comfortable!!!!! It is made of soft, non irritating adhesive fibers that derived from natural materials!

(The price of such good quality mask for just RM5.87?! NO WAYYY!!!!)

There are 4 pairs in a box!
For night keeper like me, this could help me to reduce the under eye dark circle, wrinkle, fine lines, brighten & moisturizes my precious eye! I take very good care of my eye as it actually tells your age! So I put a lot of effort to make them look energizes and shine to make myself look younger! =DD

After reviewing together with me, do you still want the Christmas Gift Pack that I prepared for you?

Okay, I knew it!!!

I am giving 3 x Faith in Face Gift Pack worth RM150 each to my readers/ followers!
How to win?1. Share my post, screenshot and emailed me at
or Facebook Message me at Purpletiff


2. Share my Video above, screenshot and emailed me at
or Facebook Message me at Purpletiff


3. Follow my Instagram at @purpletiff and repost the FIF photo that I posted in Instagram!

Not a fan of contest? It's alright! =D
About how to buy?

i) Major Watsons Malaysia
Only hydrogel face masks & pearl cellulose sheet masks
We are only available in major/big Watsons stores, To find out which Watsons near you have us, please visit:

ii) Faith in Face Malaysia Online Store 
All products Online store link: 
By using my promocode "FIFXPURPLETIFF" you can get 15% off total bill.Discount: 15% of total bill
Duration: 1 - 31 December 2016How to use: Just key in promo code before checking out the orders.

iii) All products

Hermo link:

Only hydrogel face masks, pearl cellulose sheet masks & cleansing water Beautystall link: 

That's it for my review for Faith in Face! I hope you enjoy it and let's be pretty together!
Faith in Face products only uses premium natural ingredients for all our products. Who says effective & good quality products has to be expensive? Try Faith in Face!

See you soon!
*hugs & kisses*


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