Thursday, December 14, 2017

IN2IT UV Cover Perfect Two Way Foundation Review (With Video)

Hi internet!
After making the review of the IN2IT Eye Brow Wand, I receive a few messages from my followers telling me that it is so affordable and the quality is beyond the price that makes them really happy!
I am so happy too when something I shared could help on your daily life (Like being pretty!! =D)

So this time I decided to review another product from IN2IT, which also very affordable and with good quality (suitable for college students and working adult that wanted to find some products that are reliable, affordable and good quality)

KEY POINTS of this product:
Long Lasting 15 hours wear, Water Resistant, Oil Control, Shine Control, UVB Protection, SPF50, UVA Protection, PA+++, conceals, smoothes, evens, brightens with Vitamin C & Vitamin E!
The packaging is so pastel and lovely! It comes with PASTEL PINK!!

The retail price for UV COVER PERFECT FOUNDATION: RM35.90
Refill pack: RM27.90

And it comes with 4 shades that suitable for various skin color!
I am using the #VPF01 

Every foundation comes with a washable sponge too!

I find that the mini refill is handy for my makeup pouch =D
Other brands that selling refills usually don't include a cover for them, but for this refill, you can use it just like the actual product! That is really sweet of them for being so thoughtful!

Here is the COLOR SWATCHES that can apply with
 WET Method for full coverage &  DRY method for natural coverage!

*Wet Method is a method that you dip your sponge with water, then apply the foundation with a wet sponge on your face

The below swatches is right after running water wash through my hand and around 50-60% still stays well.

Dry method is suitable for daily makeup with matte finishing!
Wet method is suitable for Party / Night Make up for a higher pigmentation finishing!

You can try them out for the texture at any leading retailers that carryng the brand!
I've prepared a video on how I apply the UV Cover Perfect Two Way Foundation below,
I hope you enjoy it. It won't take long, just 1 minute =D

More info visit :
Thats it for today and I hope you like this review!
See you soon!
*hugs & kisses*


  1. the wet method looks more defineee

    1. Yes!! But during the day I prefer the dry method, coz it's lighter! :)

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