Sunday, December 31, 2017

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

Hi Internet!
Congrats everyone as you made it through all the way to 2017 and we are holding a ticket to 2018.
Before this year gonna end, I would like to look back on what had I go through this year.
2017 for me is REMARKABLE.

Things that I wish last year today, has come true.
1. Sponsored Trips
The greatest achievement was receiving invitation from few board of tourism (Taiwan, Japan & Macao) as a travel blogger to cover their new event and places.

First time receive invitation from Airasia to review their new route (Sihanoukville) that they brought us there to experience the beaches and culture! And again, meet lots of new faces!

Besides board of tourism, I get the invitation trip to Bangkok & Taiwan from Panasonic Beauty which leads me to know more people and make lots of new friends.

Besides, more brands is noticing me this year and we've made lots of collaboration together which leads me what I am today. I am not bragging about how successful, I am just feeling grateful for all these opportunities that I work hard for it. Nothing comes easy, especially in this line.

 2. Exploring new places
I spent a month travelling in Europe to all new places such as Paris, Milan, Rome, Bologna, Venice, Greece & Santorini! I can't forget that whole beautiful month travelling with 30KG luggage travel around the entire trip, but it's worth it! See more here.

3. Overcoming changes in life.
This year I made a hard choice. A very hard ones.
That few months back then was one of the hardest moments in my life.
I wish to express my gratitude to my family and my buddy Joewy for staying and encourage me during the entire moment. I am glad I feel so much better now and starting a new life that I choose by my own. The old generation always claimed that if you age is with a '9' , that will be your difficult year. I guess this applies on me. =D

Please allow me to keep it short this year as I can't wait for 2018!
Let's work hard and grow together.
Do what you want to do and you think it's right before you regret!

*Hugs & Kisses*
Happy new year! :)


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