Monday, October 21, 2019

Kyomitsu Review: Cactus Water Skin Care Walkthrough!

Hi Internet!
It's me again back after  a long trip!
Today is gonna be a review day and the ingredients is very interesting!


And It's a hype now as I saw a few brands are selling products that related to Cactus Water!

TODAY'S REVIEW:I received the full set from Kyomitsu Malaysia and 
I can't wait to share the outcome and the hands on experience with you.

Hands on on the packaging!
Looks so classy and pretty!!
A good packaging definitely make me happy everyday while using it!

Before everything get started, let's me explain a little background regarding 
how CACTUS WATER will benefit our skin.
Cactus water contains a much higher concentration of electrolytes to hydrate the skin, 
and rich antioxidants that help prevent UV damage. 
They protect the skin against sun damage, aging and collagen loss.

What skin types are best suited for cactus water? 

All skin types can benefit from cactus water skincare. 
Dry, dehydrated skin can benefit from the electrolytes that hold water and 
moisture in the skin, and acne prone skin can benefit from the antibacterial 
properties of cactus oil. Meanwhile, people with sensitive skin 
can benefit from the calming vitamins and nutrients in cactus oil.

Hmm, So I see the point why cactus water is the new trend setter and let's try together with me.
I bought a moisture calculator stick with me so I could easily identify the product effectiveness straightaway! Let the product speak for itself!

Bare Face Reading:

Water content on skin 36%
Oil Content on Skin 35%

Kyomitsu's best seller product.
[ Cactus water clear pore face wash ]
is formulated to be both daily facial wash, and weekly cleanse mask.

The face wash can be used as regular daily wash, or cleansing mask once or twice a week.
(Apply apx 5 min for a deep cleanse)
With its rich organic components and extract from cactus water, this face wash product mildly cleans your face and clears the pore without breaking your skin's natural balance. 
After 3 days of usage, you can clearly see an improvement with the pore size, 
oiliness and pigmentation.

Skin Hydration Reading:

(Bare Skin) 
Water content on Skin 36%
Oil Content on Skin 35%

Water content on Skin 55%
Oil Content on Skin 17%

Texture: Creamy cleansing foam based. 
I use 2 pumps for normal face wash. 
As for mask, apply a thin layer and set for 5 mins for a deep cleansing mask!

Cons: The pump head is quite small and it's quite clumsy to press it when hands are wet.
Not a big deal for me, just room of improvement for the packaging! =D

A tonic is the next step after cleaning your face. 
This Tonic obtains essence of Cactus Water that will bring freshness and hydration to your skin. 
It can be multiply applied 
1 ) after face wash 
2) before sleep 
3) morning 
4) before make up 
5) and before daytime makeup touch up 
( portable mini version available) 100ml per bottle

Skin Hydration Reading:

Before:(While using Cactus water Pore Clear Face Wash)
Water content on Skin 55%
Oil Content on Skin 17%

Water content on Skin 63%
Oil Content on Skin 19%

Texture: Comfortable and skin was so hydrated after using it!

Cons: The spray mists is a quite a huge bunch~ 
Not a real big deal just if they can improved on the spray head,
So I spray it on a cotton pad to apply as toner.

The last completing step of your skin care routine. 
This cream is the essence of Cactus plant, keep healthy hydration in your skin. 
Properly moisturised skin can suppress unhealthy face oil and avoid acnes, pimples growth. 
Adding this Cactus Water Hydrating Cream before applying your makeup base, can also bring smoother skin look, and more long-lasting effect.

Skin Hydration Reading:

(While using Cactus water Micellar Cleansing Tonic)
Water content on Skin 63%
Oil Content on Skin 19%

Water content on Skin 74%
Oil Content on Skin 23%

Texture: Watery cream based. Very easy to absorb, non greasy!
Skin is full with moisture after it!

If you are not sure about how it goes with your skin and not planning to invest the whole full set in a shot? No problem, you can get their travel pack for just RM59 to try out on your skin and purchase them confidently on your next purchase when you love them!
Click here 

Here is my review video, perhaps you may take a look at this for more convincing result! =D

For more information about Kyomitsu you may refer below:

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Hope you enjoy my review and I shall see you soon again in my blog!


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